first scans, lot of news

First of all sorry for the leck of updates here .. just no motivation during summer πŸ™‚ .. now just one month of holidays remaining I wanna give you a quick overview what happened lately.

After I had a lot of rolls developed I needed to scan them so I asked Markus if I can have his film scanner when he’s in england for two weeks .. so now he’s there and I have the scanner πŸ˜€ .. standing right next to me, already did a lot of scanning .. we also had three long developing session 2 weeks ago so enough material to show I think πŸ˜‰ .. btw also had a nice develop-day in the lab with Johannes (alife) from vienna. So see some results from the rolls I shot during the last 3, 4 months .. trip to vienna in may, devmeet in may, older pics from klagenfurt, street stuff .. I add them at the bottom. (most of it is Agfa APX 100, APX 400 and Ilford FP4 .. gonna try TriX 400 next, but have enough APX left in my fridge too)

Summer was quite boring from time to time, .. no work, just one assignment and another job for a friend, doin design/coding/photos for a website .. so one photo shooting and one website made in 2 1/2 months, .. just not a lot of money .. but ok. πŸ™‚ .. was at the lake quite seldom, had fever in the hottest days of summer (ugly), won and lost a lot of money on poker .. stopped playing online poker haha, made many new friends and just enjoyed time .. did a lot of relaxing and hanging around.

So enjoy the scans below .. see u soon!

pokerfaces .. playing hold’em in front of universitymyself in my car’s mirror

karli .. good friend of mine, .. he’s a poser haha

nora πŸ™‚

sarah eating ice-cream, .. getting a cute touch from sebi haha
(i love her look on that one haha)

bought these new shoes and needed to take a shot of them
( tribute to severin haha .. )

werner .. mr. cool

group of tourist near stephansplatz / vienna .. weird looks

sarah and sebastian again .. this time laughing

typical mirror shot .. I know, you can’t see my fucking face

karli again, this time with a blonde girl next to him
(in front of university, ΓΆh election may 2007)

kiri doin’ a phone call at the devmeet


just a try

Just testing import of lastfm on my blog, after not using the plugin for winamp for nearly one year πŸ˜‰ .. just wasn’t interested in it anymore .. but now wanna use it again.

one, two, .. barbecue

Yeah we are goin into summer more and more. Outside sun is shining down, people are lying in meadows and at the lake .. the classes at university get empty πŸ˜€ haha .. today sitting here and see approx. 30 people in a room for 200 and listening to some lecturer who is interesting, but with that weather it gets hard to listen πŸ™‚ .. so I do this entry now.

Last class for this week, afterwards relax and nothin’ to do .. weekend is long, holidays there and university starts again on wednesday πŸ™‚ .. so I’m quite fine with the situation. Later on I will have a look outside the campus and have some drink with friends maybe .. also looking at a fleamarket they have today (but so far I didn’t see any stands hm .. no one interested in selling things). It’s not fine to go on photo tours these days .. to sweltry in the city and around, . high humidity is nothing I like, .. sun and summer is great, but that not πŸ˜€

Looking for some poker evening today or tomorrow, after already had some play on sunday evening (was nice and quite long) and some quick play with friends at university, sitting in the sun on tuesday afternoon haha. Some friend of mine got new furniture for his flat .. so we might test it soon πŸ˜‰ .. I need an ace on the river haha.

Saturday I leave the city around noon, taking Nora and Thomas also on my car. We will head for the 3rd Carinthian Devmeet in Gallizien, make some barbecue at a river, chillin’ on some sort of sandbank there. Meeting some girls and boys from deviantart there, .. we all know us well as we met several times before or go to university together (some attend school and know each other from there) .. so should be fun. Afterwards have some evening with movies on DVD, playstation or other games .. looks like a nice day. Sunday morning/afternoon .. back to Klagenfurt (just some 20 minutes from there) .. and enjoy the rest of the 3 days off. I will take the OM-1 and some 2 or 3 films with me (think apx 100 will do, .. maybe some trix 400 for the evening) and do some shots there .. might also take the 350D and the 50/1.8 with me .. nothing more needed πŸ˜€ documentation follows. (also time for developing, as we get warm water in the lab these days .. they shut it down .. stupid people, .. argggh)

see u soon!

thursday boring thursday

Still no news from me, I’m a bit pissed by some things happened in the past days. Everything is quite fine, but many things I wanted to manage or do, went wrong or into the wrong direction. So first of all I still need to develop my rolls from the OM-1 (FP4 and APX100 from our Vienna trip). I get mad when I see all those nice photos from our viennese friends who already have them online .. and me is waiting, waiting and waiting .. so hopefully we will do the developing on friday or saturday!

So for the moment no new pics from here, .. the EOS wasn’t used the last days, .. have a press job tomorrow evening, which pisses me too … but who cares, I promised to be there and take photos .. so it’s my own fault πŸ˜€ haha. Afterwards I need the weekend and look for some poker action, .. sunday could be time for trip outside into the country or something similar (enough street the last weeks, hm? .. I don’t know .. I prefer street .. like it more)

Have a look on my blog-roll, .. added some one or two new links there .. need to update again, as I have some other links there, no blogs .. will add a portfolio-roll too πŸ˜‰

So stay tuned, I will make my next entry until monday I think .. maybe with my first scans on it!

back from emo-city

Finally back from Vienna, the city of emo πŸ˜€ .. or lets say multi-cultural city of human creatures with different styles πŸ˜‰ haha. Ok, coming back from ironic .. the trip was pure fun. Met up with Johannes, Sebastian & Sarah (see my blog-roll) and of course with our host for the two days, Werner (

I did a lot of shots that two days in Vienna, .. shot two rolls of film with the Olympus OM-1 (attached the 50/1.8) .. one FP4 I got the days before from Markus ( and another APX100 I got from Werner on sunday before walking to the city center (as I was sure, I will need to change on that walk .. and so it was .. full FP4, .. had to change to APX at the Stephansplatz, right when seeing some nice photo subjects, .. damn)

So we started our trip on Sunday morning, arriving Vienna at 11 A.M. .. getting our things to Werner’s flat as he came to the station and picked us up .. took tram to flat, left the bags there and headed to city center to meet up with our friends. So in mid-afternoon with came together on Mariahilfer Street and walked around .. got to Stephansplatz, Burggarten, Volksgarten and many more streets .. took many photos on that trip and had fun talking and watching crazy people .. many emos of course πŸ˜€ haha. Later on we had to say good bye and they left us, .. we went home and in the evening did some chilling in an irish pub .. the Molly Darcy’s .. really nice pub .. have to visit it again next time I’m in Vienna! Monday was shopping day, after a short sleep of some 3 to 4 hours .. we went to the shopping streets of the city center .. Mariahilfer again, Westbahn Street .. had to buy some film (tri-x, apx, .. also looking for delta and plus-x but didn’t get those two), paper and chemicals for the lab and myself got a little bag for cam + max. 2 lenses (needed something like this for short trips, to leave the big ones at home) and also looked for shirts, but I just bought a tie with poker cards instead of a shirt. So in the end, we had a good day on monday, .. really hot and sunny again .. got most of the things we wanted and in the end left Vienna at 5 P.M. .. arriving home at 9 P.M. .. happy but tired πŸ˜€ .. the trip was good, hope to do make something like this soon again .. but I’ll wait for the cheap summer tickets of austrian railways .. 48 (24 in one direction) euros is way too much money for it, .. summer will bring more action for less money.

So here are the photos .. for the moment just the digital ones, .. haven’t developed the two rolls so far, one isn’t finished yet (just need two or three pics to shoot tomorrow) and then will do so on Monday or Tuesday. Some digital ones, .. nonetheless hope you like them.

carrie, samantha, charlotte & miranda πŸ˜€

interesting discussion

goin’ by tube is fun

you might look relaxed

talking ’bout trash

style puppies again (reminds me of my previous entry)

.. let me explain

they looked so *happy*

girls wanted some balloons .. for sure no emos

oh baby, if you would know .. you would understand me

we love to entertain you

sitting & reading

jam session or the beginning of woodstock 2007

friendly street crossing

vienna calling

Yeah another week, .. university finished for that one (had a boring lecture today) .. now waiting for weekend. Why? .. cause I’m excited about my trip to Vienna on sunday. Plans said we will go on saturday and just for some hours, .. but we changed and now it’s a sunday to monday trip. Markus ( will be with me and we gonna meet a lot of friends we first met in August last year, when staying one week in Vienna and had a devmeet there.

So now it’s just for two days, but looks like sunday will be funday πŸ˜€ .. meeting with our good friend Werner (, also our host for that days, .. and hopefully some deviants like Sebastian and Johannes (you have links to their blogs on my blogroll). Would be nice to meet Severin again, but not so sure if he gonna have time. Sunday will be photo day, .. shooting street most of the time, .. goin to have a drink with friends .. and much more. πŸ˜‰

Monday then we will head to Mariahilferstrasse and Westbahnstrasse to have an awesome shopping tour πŸ˜€ .. ok we just need loads of film (APX 100, Tri-X 400, Plus-X 125 .. maybe some APX 400 too) and Markus wants some chemicals and paper for his darkroom. I will look for some new analogue cam .. as far as I won’t get one before (just got an info on a used Olympus OM-1 I could get until our departure .. so I would have it ready for weekend .. and cheaper than all possible offers in Vienna I think).

So after all, here are some picture from our last street tour through the city center of Klagenfurt .. photos I missed last time (ok I didn’t want to post them at once).

waiting at the bus-station

ice-cream, .. yummy

he looks so bored

reading in the sunshine

no it’s not a commercial .. haha

metallica greets πŸ˜‰

finally that fits the title .. calling

on the streets

Went to the city on wednesday to have some photo action on the streets. In the morning I walked alone, had most of my equipment with me and didn’t make a really good job on myself .. just wondering about my manner.

So later, in the afternoon, called Markus (geek7 from deviantart) and he came to my place, wanted to give me his AE-1 with 50/1.8, but he missed to change the batteries .. so no good for me .. but maybe it was the best thing so, as I took his Sigma 30mm f1.4, removed the battery grip from my EOS 350D and so we walked .. me with that combination and he with his VoigtlΓ€nder Bessa.

Here are some shots from that afternoon …

oh my f****** goodness (express yourself)

she had this “look” in her face, .. hm

looks like they had a party there at the crossing

on the phone, .. nothing more

walking on stripes .. or maybe “striped on stripes” .. hm

someone said ” looks like *MILF* “
and I even didn’t knew what he meant by this, now I do

looking for sunglasses

trying to be a style puppy

So you see, we had a long walk trough the city center .. about 4 hours from north to south, from east to west, … – was quite fun and maybe one of my best street shooting trips so far πŸ˜‰ .. but anyway it makes no sense always goin on tour with the EOS, .. and I won’t borrow the AE-1 or AV-1 from Markus again .. I want my own one now πŸ™‚ .. so next weekend (21st) we’ll have a short one-day-visit in Vienna and do a lot of photo stuff shopping .. therefore I will look for an Olympus OM-2, hope to find one.

So for the moment, have a relaxed weekend, .. I will – even there is some university work waiting for me (one paper and an article to write).

bla bla

just testing my new blog .. welcome stranger if you read that πŸ™‚