sense of blogging

so the last entry was back in august, about 8 weeks ago. in the mean time summer is over, autumn dominating the country now … university started again and work got a bit reduced after the intensive months in summer. I still have some students to finish and also got some new, but it’s ok now as I don’t have so much time during the university semester. this winter semester I visit several courses to sum up the first part of my study and also attend courses from the 2nd part too. beside I try to go on with spanish, attending 2nd level course now .. and I was in the mood for another new language (seems like I do every two or three years haha) and so I decided to start with russian. motivated two of my friends for it, to have more fun and not feeling lonely there. so I’m running about 10-12 seminars and lectures this semester and hope to come closer to my final paper which I hope to start in approx. 1 or 1 1/2 years, just before my 30th birthday. btw birthdays 😉 .. I turned 28 ‘bout two weeks ago and had a little celebration with some friends. went to a mexican restaurant and later on visited a bar to have some drinks and enjoy music. unfortunately I was a bit sick those days and got a little cold which stayed for two weeks 😦 .. but I was lucky and got healthy some days later.

changes after my birthday

to sum up my birthday I can tell you some things about my presents. my own birthday present was a little gratification for the hard summer. I bought a new TV for my room (ok this was with some money I got from my mum and grands) .. a Philips 26” LCD Screen. To make it perfect I invested some bucks in a new Playstation 3 and three games for it. From my friends Daniel, Bianca and Viki I got a traditional italian espresso machine, coffee, sugar and espresso cups. My room got a very nice change too, as I got a really beautiful painting from Kerstin, which is now main part of the wall above my bed. A spanish vocabulary book made it to my desk too 🙂 .. good stuff right now. All others were indirectly involved in the Playstation 3, as I got several vouchers for the shopping center from my friends Tini, Thomas & Dani. I was really happy about all those gifts and wonderful ideas! My room will get another change as I want to look for a new TV board this week, .. need to change it a little bit because of height and to get more storage. Already made a clean up yesterday, when i threw away some 120 old video tapes I recorded on TV in the 90s. I also found about 100 music tapes and added them to the garbage too. unbelievable how much old stuff piles up over the years .. it really was time to remove it. now there’s plenty of room for my cameras and all that stuff.

cards are in the air

I tried to reduce my poker activities a little bit. most of the time I played live and tried to quit with online poker, as I don’t like it anymore or better said, got several bad beats during the last weeks. so I wasn’t very lucky there. if you’re interested in more, visit our pokerblog I have with two friends of mine >> pokerblog

missing some of my best friends

lately I’m missing my friends very often. I think this is a problem I’ll always have, as many of my friends have left the town and now study or work in Graz and Vienna. some of my hobbies like billard, snooker, darts or bowling have been cut to a minimum as I don’t have friends nearby .. or better said no one interested in those stuff. I hope this will change some time … right now I’m a bit sad about it!

next time I hope to show you some new photos or some other stuff, .. tell you interesting stories or bring funny episodes from university. for now, have a nice day!

feeling good

just having a good mood right now. had some nice days enjoying the time with friends. of course I had another week with some 45 driving lessons (and a month with about 135 in total) but I also had fun goin out a lot. went out for the first time on monday, when we watched inglourious basterds in cinema and had a drink at the irish pub afterwards. next morning I was damn tired 😛 no surprise haha. tuesday evening I stayed at home and wednesday then I was out in the city again, meeting one of my best friends and his girlfriend who came in from Vienna to have a visit at home. again long evening, next morning started to work at 9AM as always these days. normally I have some 8 to 11 hours in the car, so you might understand my sleeping problem .. getting not much sleep when goin out, isn’t good for my job 😉 but I always keep my concentration. thursday we decided to meet for dinner after work, so my friends and I met at a our favorite japanese restaurant and had a walk through the old city center later on. friday then was the first day of the Altstadtzauber festival, where we have a big flea market in the center and many stages with music and other stuff like comedians. work ended at 4PM and so I had an early start into the weekend. again met with Thomas & Dani and walked over the flea market for some hours, visited the old square to have some drink and listen to the bands around. later on met other friends and finished the evening with a visit at our favorite cafe (also to sum up as it was the last evening of their visit) and took a taxi back home together. saturday weather changed from hot and sunny to rain and a little temperature shock from 30 down to 14 celsius. most of the day I stayed at home and was quite lazy. in the evening I went to see Daniel, Bianca and Vicky who were at Vicky’s new flat and fixed some stuff. we soon headed to the city center to have a drink at the irish pub once again and later on around 10PM we went to see a country/rock band on one of the festival stages. it became very cold standing there, so we went back to the flat around midnight and stayed for another hour talking. when we left the place some minutes before 1AM I decided to visit JPS cardroom to see what’s goin on. they had one table with just 6 players and so I joined with 100 bucks and the ambition to double it quickly. about one hour later I left with 185 and called it a night and went to bed at 3AM this morning 😀 .. so I was out 4 days in a row and had to get some sleep, which meant I just relaxed today and stayed at home again. to be honest it was a really stressful week but I had so much fun 🙂

now I’m awaiting another full week, with a practical exam on thursday – should have between 5 and 7 students for this one, .. btw in total I actually have approx. 25-30 students .. too much when university starts again in october, so I hope most of them will be finished this month.

my visit to Vienna comes nearer too. the date 9th to 13th of september was more or less fixed, now I’m thinking about a little change .. but maybe it’s the moment, … normally I will be in our capital city in two weeks 🙂 yeah! can’t wait to see some people and have fun there. have a nice week!

“no more time ..

.. for anything” would be the best title for a new blog entry. right now I have some hours off work and time to post some lines here. more or less working 8-12 hours a day, normally Mo.-Fr., sometimes like tomorrow also on Sa. – have some 20 students at the moment and our driving school is really booked to capacity. so far this summer I had about 2 evenings in the city and some 3 or 4 weekends at home … anything else was work 😀 … good for my wallet but terrible for socializing! my friends could tell you a thing or two about it 😉 next two or three weeks this will hold on .. ok I take my time next weekend when we have a city festival, so I will meet with friends and have fun going out. (maybe doin this also tomorrow) so the situation is getting better and better.

my vacation

as you might have noticed I was in Croatia in the first week of August, .. the only free time I had this summer so far 🙂 .. was fun there, weather was more or less good the whole week (with exceptions on 2 days) and so it was damn hot, sunny, sea was beautiful and people very nice. took a load of nearly 800 photos there, but to be honest it was the typical “holiday – vacation – sun/sea/beach/fun” stuff … no street, no architecture or similar .. just sunsets, water, sea and blue sky .. to give you a little impression what I mean, here are some examples (rest can be found on my flickr account >> Flickr / Porec – Croatia


coming up next …

next trip will be 9/10th until 13th of September .. goin to Vienna once again, .. playing one or two poker tourneys there, do some shopping (want to buy new lens for the 30D and again look for something used if possible), meet with friends and of course take photos. at the moment I’m saving money for the lens, as I have some 20 students and about 50 hours driving a week this shouldn’t be a big problem, but we’ll see. in terms of poker I played the qualification for the carinthian masters last week, but didn’t make the main event so I decided not to play it (direct buy-in was a bit too much for slow dealers and quite bad players (50% of the people there don’t have a clue about poker, .. don’t know rules etc. … not interested in such a shit) .. therefore I prefer to play cash game at my favorite card room, which I tend to visit again tomorrow evening after goin out 😀 … wish me luck.

a note for all people interested in street and good photography, also having fun watching pics on a blog … visit Sev’s and Chris’s blogs .. they posted a mass of pics from Sev’s visit to states … quite great stuff, so have a click and see >> Severin Koller & Chris Weeks .. it’s worth taking some time!

I could go on now .. and of course have missed a lot I wanted to post .. but I forgot most of the shit my brain stored during the last two month and also don’t have the time right now .. work is calling in about 30 minutes, so have a nice one .. a presto, hasta pronto, see you soon!

… s.u.m.m.e.r.

at the moment I’m not so motivated to blog something. of course, there’s plenty to tell, report or show … long time again since last entry. work is hard right now, sitting in the car 8 hours a day, not so much time to relax and just work – eat – sleep all day, .. weekends are more or less spent at home or with friends, … really looking forward to some holiday trip soon. goin to be in croatia from 1st to 8th of august, .. just sea, sun and fun … and as you could imagine, I take my cam + equipment with me. (but this could have some typical “holiday” outcome with pictures of the region, sea and landscape .. but why not 😉

at university everything was ok, .. exams passed well, most of the classes already finished with start of the summer, just some stuff missing, .. so I will try to finish in autumn. at driving school we actually have a full class room .. 50 people showing up every 2-weeks-holiday class (some special package to get the license more quick) .. and therefore I have about 13-15 students to drive .. awesome, but also a bit stressy and hard .. as you might have noticed .. 30+° celsius in austria right now .. 8 hours are hard in a not so well climatized car. beside we had a nice photowalk last saturday (part of the worldwide photowalk of scott kelby) which was great fun .. never had so many participants (bout 32 I think) .. but I missed to take many shots .. just a few to show up on my flickr account and facebook. (more or less documentation from the walk, nothing special).

so .. I might edit this one or post another this week, .. now I have to leave for work, .. starting with the first two lessons of the day at 9AM .. have a nice day!

three weeks to go ..

.. until university is over for this semester, continuing with winter semester starting in october then. at the moment I’m learning for an exam on wednesday, facing the next one right on monday and waiting for many more until 1st of july. already finished some classes with success, need to write some papers too .. afterwards I will have time for travelling, doing more on my job and enjoy the summer.

on the job

still have about 5-7 students, some quite finished and close to their practical test. soon gonna get some new ones, as summer holidays start and normally that’s the time most young want to make their driving license. should have a full calender with lots of hours driving and maybe also some teaching theory at the school. to be honest, I’m really happy about my job (especially the money haha) 🙂

freetime .. enjoy, relax, have fun

was in cinema quite often during the last weeks, which I already reported on my latest entry. meantime we also watched “star trek”, which we found quite good .. maybe best movie this year so far my friends said .. even if we are not fans of the series. next one gonna be “terminator: salvation” on wednesday.

beside I hadn’t the best time in poker, lost quite often and have terrible down swing at the moment. now gonna take a break from live cash game, need to refresh and recover from loosing so much. most terrible thing beside: last saturday when I came back to my car at 1.30AM, I found the left sidemirror of my car hanging down, teared by some stupid vandals. *damn* … that will cost me another 160 bucks minimum (will bring my ride to the repair on thursday). Thanks bastards!!

to stay one moment with poker, just want to inform you about our new blog project. some friends of mine asked if I want to blog about poker with them and as I already had a poker blog for myself some time ago (never update during the last year) I agreed and now report on my (Maniac7) poker activities under (only available in german!!!) together with my colleagues Stefan and Roland.

about one week ago I bought the sims 3 and started playing. the game is quite fun, something different between playing cards and sport games. I like the gameplay and you have so many more options in comparison with part 2. think this will be bring many interesting hours .. especially in autumn or winter when it gets worser outside. right now I try to focus on outside activities whenever I can .. problem at the moment is too much university and work, but that will change! I also started to train a little more again, … climbing onto my homebike every evening for minimum 30 minutes and hope to get back in shape during the next one two months .. think that’s a possible and senseful aim!

vacations .. there we go

so far I want to travel a lot this summer, but it depends on how much work is waiting at driving school. I have to pay attention to my job, as july and august are the most important months in my job … but I also want to enjoy some time of my holidays from university .. I need it to be honest!

that’s why I plan the following trips in summer:

two days/weekend in Graz .. visiting Karin and Stefan, maybe also meet with two or three other friends, have fun, go shopping and enjoy nightlife 😀

four/five days in Vienna (long weekend possible) .. visiting Werner, Melanie, Thomas, Martin and all the others that left our beautiful city to find their luck in Vienna. I need this cause I really miss some of them and also want to look for new camera equipment.

one week in Porec/Croatia (family vacation) .. first family vacation since ages, but I’m promising this one for such a long time, so this year I can’t say no again. looks like we gonna go for a one-week-sun-sea-relax-trip in the hotel we stayed very often in former times (in the meantime it became a 4*+ hotel and I can’t wait to see and enjoy it. for sure will take my camera with me!)

two days in Italy (weekend with friends) .. promised this one to my friends, so we may go for a short weekend at the italian coast, just heading to Grado, Lignano or somewhere else reachable within 2 or 3 hours drive.

– optional: already got asked for a trip with friends in september, goin somewhere in Austria and enjoy the time. no clear info so far, .. but I’m interested, so I may take part if they go for it. later on I will be visit Rome for the first time – which will be in autumn, as Daniel and Bianca are goin on student exchange for the winter semester. we want to visit them there for some days, but that’s long time to go.

until next time .. have a good one!

in the summertime

Lately I missed posting a lot here. Had no motivation and not much time. Work kept me on my toes during the last weeks. Right now I normally have around 6-8 students, always depends on little fluctuations when I have students just for some basics and get to give just 6 to 12 lessons and don’t have to bring them to the exam. Last month then also was a good one in terms of money 🙂 the best one so far since I started to work as a driving instructor beside my study.

Study is terrible at the moment, not much motivation for this … to be honest I’m a bit stagnant and have to learn more the next weeks, which shouldn’t be that easy, .. especially when facing a pretty nice summer and damn hot temperatures outside! Just took out my shorts and bought some new shirts yesterday when I had a day shopping in the city (maybe was a bit too much as my feet really hurt this morning 😀 haha .. running around from 8AM until 6PM)

Was in cinema four times in five weeks which is really much for me, cause I had some months without cinema before. Maybe it was because of missing movies I wanted to see, but I think it was more matter of finding people to go with. Now I always took a break from my daily grind and tried to watch some movies. So I went to see “Monsters vs. Aliens” and “Fast and Furious” with Tini, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” with Kerstin and “Angels and Demons” (Illuminati) with Kerstin, Martin and Konni. Most of it was fun and ok, good start into a summer full of movies, .. more to come soon! Should watch “Star Trek” with Tini on wednesday and want to see “Ice Age 3”, “Transformers 2”, “Terminator Salvation”, “Public Enemies” and some others later on.

Summertime = Funtime

Beside few time for my camera at the moment and beside I had to stay many hours at home and at university due to the load of papers to write and stuff to learn, I didn’t have much time to go out or enjoy nature. Summer came over the country, the lake is calling and same does parks and sunshine outside, but so far no time … I hate this situation cause I love summer. Anyways I try to enjoy every free moment when I have time for a walk or meet with friends outside. For the leisure time inside I just bought a Playstation 2 with a Singstar bundle and some more Singstar games to have enough for upcoming game evenings. First of these evenings just took place last friday, when I invited five colleagues from university to come over and have fun. Bianca, Stefan and Elma showed up in time at 6PM, but unfortunately Daniel missed the whole evening as he was in Vienna that day and went home really late .. so he arrived some minutes after midnight. We then played on until 2AM and I went to bed around 3AM or so .. can’t remember exactly. Just know I got up the next morning at 7AM, so I just had 4 hours of sleep .. which may have influenced my shopping trip I mentioned above 😉

The evening was much fun, .. I made lasagne for us and everyone enjoyed the meal (took my favorite recipe from Jamie Oliver once again, .. just awesome stuff). Singstar really rocks and we sang a lot the whole evening, .. even when Elma had to leave earlier and Denise wasn’t able to come due to some time problems. Myself was a bit hoarse afterwards 😀 … Pictures to follow soon!

What else to tell ya? Oh, maybe too much and nothing interesting, so I gonna stop it now and resume with another entry these days. 🙂

social networking

Time for another update on my blog. Holidays over, university started again last monday and the week was quite hard. Had a lot of stress due to some classes to visit and enough driving lessons with my students. Even today I had university until afternoon and so my weekend just started some hours ago .. not the best conditions at the moment .. I can’t relax a lot and would be happy about a week doin nothing and just fly somewhere and take one week off. Anyways, it’s just dreaming and wishing .. no way right now.

We were in the studio once again this week, .. second time recording there and this time we had to record something for the radio. We decided on a report (which got a funny touch cause of the topic and how we did it) and we did quite well. Today we presented it in the class and got a lot of positive feedback. Should be another good mark for that class which is now finished.

In driving school I still have 6 students, .. finished with two last thursday (successful practical exam), had another two who just had to do the basics lessons and now do self-education with their parents and unfortunately had to give one student to a colleague as I’m full with the others and won’t have for any more work beside university. Now when it goes into the exam phase for me too, .. as most of the university exams are in May and June, I have to focus on them!

Social Networking .. a crucial thing?

Today I read an article on social networking. We do a lot of research and work about this topic at university too. The article said that all these networks are giving "new “worlds” to a lot of people. Origins and roots get forgotten (something Tanya Nagar also stated out on deviantart some weeks ago) and masses get more and more interested in other things. The point is, that we all get new interests and places to be around .. this also counts for the internet and I see it when I look at myself. Some years ago I started with photography and had my first experience with a network or better said plattform to present my work. This was when I registered at deviantart. At the moment I don’t really use it anymore .. just look there from time to time, no posting and uploading. The last years I focused on my blog and stopped presenting in open communities. The only places where I upload my pics too are flickr and studivz. (but I don’t use flickr so often, don’t like it so much). In terms of social networking I registered to studivz some two years ago I think. I always said “never go to facebook and become a part of this “mass surveillance” system, which we call “Gläserner Mensch” in german. Everything is visible, everything is open to the public … the slogan “big brother is watching you” (G. Orwell) has become truth and is always present. Anyways I couldn’t resist very long and became a member of facebook too (which was some two months ago). Twitter, another “wonderful” tool of modern networking, got introduced to me by Markus in November 2008 and I started to twitter too. At the moment I don’t twitter so often … I don’t like it anymore .. and to be honest again, it gets more and more boring .. and why should I report everything I do in the internet? I saw people updating every hour or reporting on every duty from eating, to writing, goin out and so on .. life became public .. and I want to avoid that for myself. The same counts for several others services like, .. does everyone wants to know what I listen too? I could go on with this list and give another dozens of examples, but it’s not necessary I think. Social networking is a great thing, .. it’s nice to stay in contact with people, especially with the ones you don’t see every day or just know from the net, .. but it could be a difficult thing in future too. I will be a part of the networks furthermore but I won’t post a lot on twitter and don’t think my activities on deviantart will get better again. Thanks again also to Tanya for her interesting words and thoughts about the topic!

happy holidays

So far my holidays went pretty good – but that’s only in terms of work and upcoming 1st of May when it comes to the money 😀 … the only moments I really had to relax, were the days around easter .. when I had a weekend enjoying every single second .. also goin for a walk at the lake with family and play some poker with friends.

During the last 1 1/2 weeks of holidays from university, I’ve never seen the city at daylight, walking along the stores or goin for a photo walk. Just drove through streets when giving lectures to my students. I had to teach a course outside of Klagenfurt, in Köttmannsdorf, 10 people participating .. 8 girls and 2 guys – all quite ok and nice, so it was fun. Most of them also make the practical part with me – so at the moment I have 11 students for driving. In total that means I will loose two students today if they pass there practical exam this morning and another two by tomorrow as they are finished with education at driving school and take the rest with a private teacher (§122 self education system). So the remaining 7 should give the upcoming weeks enough work beside university.

By the way university .. that’s resting a bit at the moment, .. should do a lot .. and have a lot more waiting the next months, but to be honest I don’t have a clue how to manage. I’m a bit scared about all the exams, presentations and works I should learn and prepare for .. cause I don’t have much time right now. Hopefully my students get to learn fast and take their driving license as soon as possible, so I could take a break in late May or early June, .. anything else would mean problems!

Some two weeks ago (at the start of the holidays) I had a pretty interesting day at a recording studio with Daniel, Bianca, Denise, Stefan and Max .. some friends and colleagues from university. We had to record something for radio – a class about radio editing, how to produce and so on. We decided to record a modern tale called “Princess Leather Skirt” 😀 .. just crazy. Had a lot of fun there, as it was a professional studio where Daniel normally works from time to time. I really loved it .. to be honest, I would wish to record a song there once .. that would be great! We soon gonna have the chance for, as we need to record another project the next weeks .. so I keep you in the thing:

… any proposals which song I should take? (just thought about some old boygroup songs and other stuff in my pitch of the voice, and some stuff I’m easy in)

Robbie Williams: “Feel” or “Angels”
Sunrise Avenue: “Fairytale gone bad”
Rainhard Fendrich: “Haben sie Wien schon bei Nacht gesehen” or “I am from Austria”
Madonna: “Don’t tell me” or “Secret”
NSync: Bye, bye, bye
Backstreet Boys: “Quit playing games with my heart” or “As long as you love me”
… just some ideas so far.

On that day in the studio I made many photos with the 30D I had with me, using the 35mm/2.0 as well. So here are some pics from our funny day.


Today just some random shots from the last four weeks.

15sw 03sw 05sw

Those shots were taken some three weeks ago, when Karin & Stefan visited us and we headed to the city to have some coffee and talk on a sunday afternoon.

004sw 001sw

Both shots taken last weekend, when I had some friends at my place. There are more photos, but nothing too show in the blog … don’t like them much.

I’m goin to have some driving lessons in the afternoon as a student needs some more practice before his driving test. Gonna take the Audi A3 once again. Maybe I’ll do some photos afterwards at the driving school or with the car. Weather looks nice too, maybe also heading to the lake for a short walk. We’ll see, .. gonna post shots if I get some!

waiting for spring

At the moment I’m not very creative in terms of writing a new blog entry. The past weeks were more or less nothing special. After we came back from Vienna the rest of the holidays was a mix of boring stuff, hanging around, doing nothing and going crazy cause of some stuff in my life. So to be honest I would like to change several things but sometimes it’s not possible to do so.

Last entry was about one month ago, .. I don’t really remember in detail what happened since that one. University started again, .. joined 16 classes and actually run crazy when I think of that huge number .. never did so many courses in one semester I think (or better said not in my actual study). So far it’s running good, .. but I don’t think it’s the best decision I’ve done .. cause it’s the summer semester and I know myself when it comes to spring and summer 😉

My grands had their golden wedding some three weeks ago, .. myself took some pictures too, but main photography part was delegated to Markus who did a good job on it. So I won’t show anything from this here, nothing interesting I think. Beside I invited Daniel and Bianca for dinner after our Vienna trip, just to sum up and have a relaxed evening with some mexican food (made by me) and playing card games afterwards (again no pictures, just made some while I prepared the meal). I was invited to two or three rounds of poker with friends, most of the time at Chris’ place where we tend to meet up. I was at my favorite card room twice, but no big stories to tell, was loosing all the time. I went shopping twice the last two weeks – once even drove to Villach and visited the Atrio (biggest shopping center in the south of Austria), got some pullover and shirts and had a nice day there. The next day (which was last sunday) I had some friends at my place, playing poker again .. funny afternoon. Maybe gonna post some photos from this one later on .. just took a few, again more or less snapshots. Went to the pub quiz at the Claddagh (irish pub in town) with Kerstin, Georg and Markus last thursday, .. and later one visited the location again this tuesday when St. Patricks Day was celebrated together with 3-year anniversary of the Claddagh.

So rest of the week, beside some lecture I gonna have whole friday and saturday, I have a student goin to the practical driving exam today, .. hope she gonna pass 🙂 .. and another two students with lessons in the evening. Same thing was yesterday, when I had another four lessons .. good week in terms of money I would say … many driving lessons mean more money at the end of the month 😉 Best thing this week: One my colleagues is ill, so I got some students from him and also the car he normally uses. So the last two days I drove around with an Audi A3 Sportback .. really nice car .. wanna have it 😉 haha.

Ok, enough now .. I’m bored .. think you too after reading all this stuff above. Last but not least … I joined facebook some week ago .. have a look if you wanna add me .. just ask!