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four great days in Vienna

Link: part two of the report

part one of my report on our trip to Vienna, 9th – 12th Feb.

So this is my story on last week, when I headed to Vienna with my very good friends Daniel and Bianca. We made these plans some month ago, so we were able to start right with the beginning of our holidays. We said that it will be a shopping trip most of the time, but with some cultural stuff between. I will do the whole thing in two parts as it got very long while writing and with the pictures it’s even longer.

Monday, 9th Feb.

Left Klagenfurt at 10AM and went directly to Vienna. We drove past Graz and Wiener Neustadt and finally arrived in Vienna around 2PM, mostly because of some traffic jam problems on the Viennese city freeway.


our driver, Daniel (taken by Bianca)


on our way to Vienna

After some driving through the city center we finally made it to our flat. Got it from a good friend of mine and his girl, who were in Klagenfurt that week – so we had a place to stay without huge costs, great! We first checked the rooms and brought our luggage in. Afterwards we parked our car nearby – but as we noticed in the evening, we had to change cause of short-time parking zones there (did this the next morning and parked the car next to Werner’s flat, where I knew it will be save).


some part of the living room

So after all this acclimation we bought tickets fort he public transport and went to the city center. On our way we came across Maria Theresia Street where a friend of Bianca has her flat with two other girls – so we rang the bell and said hello. They were quite surprised about our visit by accident. We then went for some shopping – wanted to cook some italian food and needed something for breakfast the next days. Went home, made a delicious pasta with meat, tomatoes, capsicum, spices etc. – relaxed a bit and then dressed up for the evening. Went to the musical „The Producers“ with a friend of Daniel and another guy. Musical was great, just funny and crazy – we all really enjoyed that evening at the Ronacher theater. We came home around midnight and called it a day.

Tuesday, 10th Feb.

Next morning as already mentioned, first of all >> re-parking action with Daniel. We got up very early and left Bianca at the flat. Thanks to our navigation system it only lasted one hour to get to the right street and near Werner’s place. 😀


Went back to the flat by underground – have I already mentioned that I love the faces of tube passengers in early morning hours 😉 – Bianca was already up and we all had breakfast. When we left the house it was foggy and cold, as the day before when we had a strong wind outside. Again underground – went to the Lugner City Shopping Center to start our shopping tour. When we left the underground station it was raining. We suddenly felt like under the shower. Rest of the day was mostly walking around in the rain, visiting the poker shop to buy some stuff for myself and for friends, walking down Maria Hilfer Street and have a look into several shops. At the start of the walk we went to Foto Sobotka to meet Werner and also have a look at some stuff.


Werner with his stylish new glasses


me looking weird in the store (taken by Bianca)

I wanted to buy a Canon 35mm f2.0 lens, which he already knew. Tried the lens, talked a bit and asked if there’s something like a 30D or 40D in the „used stuff“ area, as I was looking for something like this (as you know I already own the 350D since 2005). Thanks to Lady Fortune .. some 10 minutes later I was the new owner of a Canon 30D J. My luck was that there was one piece in the shop window, priced really good and just looking like new, .. no scratches or anything, think the pre-owner used it as an exhibit or as backup body – so I couldn’t resist and it just took some moments to say „yes“ and get it. So in the end, I walked out the shop, some hundred bucks worse off .. but totally happy.


my new toys, nice combo 🙂

Only thing still getting on my nerves: the rain! The whole day .. rain, snow, storm … this was horrible. We got wet and it didn’t stop. Later on in early afternoon we were joined by my very good friend Thomas, who came from directly from university to have some lunch with us. We met on Maria Hilfer street and took the tube to Stephansplatz, went to some mexican restaurant, which was actually closed before 5PM – so we had to make new plans. As rain was nasty we just took the restaurant (Bettelstudent) on the opposite corner and enjoyed some dry moments in there.


at the restaurant, Bianca (already taken with 30D & 35mm f2.0)

Afterwards we said bye to Thomas and went home by tram. We then dried our cloths and relaxed for some time. During that moments at home we had a lot of fun and made a lot of pics, playing around with my 30D and 350D.


my couch, bed and storage for the whole four days




*don’t destroy my hairdo* 😉



both shots above taken by Bianca


really nice couple, aren’t they?


can’t remember when i took that one, hm


At 7PM we met with Kiri and Stefan at Lugner City and took some cocktails at a cocktail bar called Santos. One hour later we sat down in some luxury reclining chairs of the cinema located in the same place. We were joined by another friend of Daniel, but Kiri and Stefan already knew the movie so they didn’t come with us. We watched „The curious case of Benjamin Button“, which is a really great movie and I hope it will get the Oscar for best motion picture this year. Long movie of course .. lasting 3 hours in total, but it was worth sitting lying there. This time it was dry when we left the cinema – took the underground home and went to bed around midnight again.


me goin down to the subway (taken by Daniel)


Bianca and Daniel waiting for the subway
(it was damn cold that evening)

.. to be continued on part two

here we go again

So this is sunday evening and I’m counting the hours until we leave the city and head straight to Vienna. To be exact, we will start around 9.30AM tomorrow and hopefully arrive in Vienna some 4 hours later (route planner says 3h 20min, so this should even be possible with a break). My bags are packed and ready and I can’t wait to see Vienna again – I just like that city.

We gonna stay until thursday afternoon or friday morning (friday is more likely) and most of our time we will go shopping, have fun with friends, go to cinema and some musical/comedy cabaret and go out on evenings. I will have a look for some new photo gear and stuff from the poker shop (also for some friends who asked for it) and some stuff like shirts, pants etc. .. so this will be fun I think. Daniel and Bianca are looking forward to it too .. so I may keep you informed on what goes on in Vienna – but it’s more likely I won’t have internet. (let’s have a look for an open wlan spot *g*) Anyways .. have two cams with me and should take some photos to report later, .. so stay tuned until next weekend when I will post some travel report here.

For now, .. have a nice week!

note: anyone interested in meeting just call me on my mobile or write an e-mail, I might check the account somewhere around

just a short one

Actually I’m not so motivated to write an entry, but I try to give you some impressions from my weekend and what comes next.

Last time I told you of some actions to come, .. so I had a nice evening with my buddies who came to town last week, enjoyed a good week at university and did some lessons with my students, to improve their skills in driving. In total the week was very standard. To be honest i focused on finishing that paper I handed in on thursday and start with the upcoming papers right after. Most of my courses are finished now .. semester is nearly over – just need to do some little exams this week and some remaining in the end of february and later on in march and finish all the three papers until the end of february (set that date by myself to get them ready before summer semester starts).

Some days ago I fixed some things for our Vienna trip .. so facing the last exams of the actual semester, I’m now getting into a little holiday and travel mood. Got the flat of some friends of mine .. so we have a free place to stay, sleep, refresh and store our stuff … that’s great and reduces costs for such a trip. Most of the time we will go shopping and relax when meeting friends and goin to some places (maybe also gonna do some little culture part, we will see). So far we decided to depart on tuesday, but we might already leave city on monday, … also depends on the weather and time – will be back on friday 13th, that’s for sure. By the way, weather is goin crazy … snow, snow and snow again. I don’t like it, .. looks like winter fools us until we love him 😀 .. but i prefer summer and that snow should melt quickly now. Yesterday I was invited for some evening with friends, playing card games and having fun. Stayed there for many hours and when I came outside, my car was white from all the snow falling in between – really too nice as I just went there in dry conditions 😀 haha.

I’m thinking about a photo review on the last 3 or 4 years, making my blog a photo blog again – at the moment it’s more like a report or journal, .. got inspired by Charlotte and her new blog location, where she started with a summary of her work on the old blog. Also reading a lot in other blogs, like Sev’s or Chris’s, these days .. ok I do that very often, not only now, but I really try to get some ideas to “pimp” my blog … just need to do more photography in future again … will start that plan in Vienna next week – so be prepared for a “travel report photo story” 😉

final round

It’s time for the final round at university for this semester. So today I start with an exam in spanish (nothing too difficult I hope, already got info from the professor and he won’t make it too hard) and later, on Thursday, there will be two other exams on “methods in communication science” and “media and business” that should be more challenging as time is running out and I haven’t learned one line for those so far.

Beside I had a hard weekend. Started with some driving lessons on Friday, where my students had a good day and I was fine at all. Unfortunately they won’t make it to the practical exam on 5th of February as they don’t make the theoretical one today. So another two weeks more to practice with them.

I had to write a paper for “theories and modells” which is a very thereotical class on media and communication. You have tons of text to read, several sheets out of more than a dozen books. So after I had another driving lesson in the morning on Saturday, I went on with writing around 12AM. It was nearly 1AM next morning when I went to bed and the breaks I had between, were not very long – I would say permanently sitting at my desk, analysing pdf-files and thoughts of “famous” people writing “interesting” books ;). Sunday then I woke up around 8.30AM and after a good breakfast started to write at 10AM. This time I wrote until 10PM (with only a break of 1 or 1 1/2 hours where we celebrated the 72th birthday of my grandpa in the other flat) and finished the paper – finished means I might read it once again to see if something is missing, but it’s done! I had some problems with my legs in the early afternoon when I noticed that all that long sitting wasn’t so good and effected on my health. So I tried to change my position from time to time, but that’s not easy when you have to write and don’t want to get a hurting back too 🙂 … but in the end everything got well – I’m fine now again.

With all that stuff finished, I started to learn spanish for today’s exam. This was approx. at 10.30PM,  .. while I was chatting with three colleagues on skype, had a look at some movies on TV and checked my e-mails. So I did some multi-tasking before I switched off my computer around midnight. I went to bed, but watched two periods of NHL Allstar Game broadcasted on Austrian National TV (ORF) for the first time. Beside I had some sheets with grammar and notes in spanish spending some time with me in bed 😀 … so I learned another two hours and got well informed on everything. In the end it was 3AM when I switched of TV and called it a night. This morning I got up at 6.30AM .. so just slept for 3 1/2 hours, .. hope it was enough, but I feel good and fit 🙂

So wish me luck and I will do my best on the exam. Afterwards I gonna relax a little bit and meet with Thomas and Martin who came over from Vienna yesterday evening, when I had not time for any leisure activities, so we’ll go for a coffee today – myself maybe also have a short visit at the card room before heading home, … no poker for two weeks now, should get some cards in hands 😉

Next time on my blog: Everything on our Vienna trip (10th to 13th Feb.) and my job

update, … Monday 11PM

First of all, sorry – promised to update the blog from university during or maybe after the seminar on friday – and did not. Now it’s monday, a new week already started and I have some news for you.

Weekend, … and a lot to do

The seminar was ok, not too much – just a bit curious as we had 2 hours of project break to discuss in groups, beside just 1 1/2 hours sitting in the seminar room. While I did so, most of the time I didn’t follow the course … just browsed trough web, chatted with friends on skype and played some online poker 😀 .. so it was a funny afternoon.

Saturday I went for another driving lesson with one of my four actual students and in the afternoon I had to do some stuff at home. My grands had guests and one brought his laptop for some problem solving. Just had to de-install software, do some repair and also had to update their homepage with new prices (they have some sort of “bed & breakfast” and I made that one some year ago). Beside that I was in total stress with university papers, wrote many pages that afternoon and evening – finished the day at approx. 1AM on sunday and felt asleep very quickly. (as you see I didn’t make it to the cinema, we cancelled that until we have more time)

On sunday then I finished most of the work started on saturday, also prepared my presentation for today and wrote the last lines of a paper I have to hand in on wednesday. In the end I once again sat until midnight and wrote a lot more than I thought I will 😀 … but still not everything what need to be done soon. One paper until 29th (still not started), one until 13th Feb. (with three other students together) and enough to learn for exams. This week I will have 11 driving lessons with 6 different students, two of them in exchange with a colleague. Therefore I will take the BMW for the first time – for sure a nice experience which I look forward to (it’s a black BMW 118d, maybe I’ll take a photo during a break). Tomorrow I’ll get the Peugeot 207 for one hour too, but that’s nothing different to my own Peugeot 306 I would say (already know the 207 from some trips with a friend). So this could be an interesting week.

Update on Vienna

Last time I told you about a trip to Vienna in February. The problem now is, that we can’t make it over a weekend (time problems, appointments to be kept) so we will decide soon how to manage it now. So far it looks like we go to Vienna on tuesday the 10th and come back on friday the 13th (oooohhh what a date haha). Already looked for some shops at the SCS (haven’t been there for ages .. last time in 1992, .. just sick haha) and the city center. Also visited Montesino’s website to see what they offer .. great location, hopefully we’ll make it there one evening 😉

So long, .. have a nice week!

january goes on

just a quick entry, don’t have so much time right now – need to write some papers for university and have to visit a seminar in the afternoon too .. maybe I’ll update this entry from there, as there should be some time between the important parts 😉

this week was not so extreme, it was full of tasks but not that I got stressed. had only few hours of driving, as some driving lessons where cancelled. so more university this week again. today I’ll have a blocked seminar which was held in december two times and now goes on today and tomorrow, but I can’t visit tomorrow due to driving lessons I give in the morning and work I have to do afterwards. won’t miss so much I think, just a course I attend to get some “bonus points” 🙂 .. don’t think about it.

maybe I’ll visit cinema on saturday evening, we also want to celebrate birthday of a colleague and friend of mine these days (she just had her b-day on thursday but no time so far to make party) and I’ll be at my aunt’s place with family on sunday, as yesterday my cousin had her 18th birthday too.

some important stuff .. what comes in the next 3-4 weeks, I’ll post a little “schedule” (normally schedules aren’t good I know haha) what will be – beside classes, papers, university and job there’s a big thing coming … goin to Vienna from 12.-15. January (or maybe just 13.-15. we’ll see) with Daniel and Bianca, .. should be fun, .. a weekend trip for shopping, goin out in the evening, meeting friends, taking some photos once again and maybe some poker (want to visit Montesino and/or CCC to see what’s goin on there). So stay tuned, I’ll post more soon! 🙂

so far, …

.. so good. Year 2009 is now two weeks old and so far I can’t complain about it. University started smooth, nothing too boring, just two days and only few courses. Thursday we fixed some stuff for our video project too and the next day, which logically was friday, we did the practical part. So we met early morning and recorded some material for the video. Most of it was shot outside, on the old square in the city center, while we had -12° celsius. Pretty fine conditions to shoot a video outside .. bbbrrrrr, .. but we are happy – no one caught a cold that day. Afterwards I gave some driving lessons again and in the evening I taught about 3 1/2 hours in the driving school.

Saturday then started again with two hours of driving which were really relaxed. My student did well in all exercises and later on the street, even went for some miles on the highway, which she found really cool. After lunch I went for some shopping with my mum, who needed things from a furniture shop and stuff for decorating. I played the “taxi driver” and got a bit tired until we came home around 4.30PM. I relaxed a bit on the couch, to reload my batteries for the evening.

At 7PM the free poker tourney, which I was qualified for, started at the card room. We were only 16 people of 30 qualified for this day. The day before they were 13 of 30. Just crazy 31 people not interested in winning some money for free – good for us, fewer opponents! After some 2 1/2 hours we were 9 people left and finished that day. The day before saw 10 qualifiers – so we could start with 19 in total into final day on sunday. Before leaving the place I decided to play some cash game as there were so many people willing to play. To hold it short, bought in with 100 and went out with 205, which by the bulk I won from the carinthian champ in texas hold’em, when I had queens and he had jacks in his hand. He went all in pre-flop after raise, re-raise and re-raise from me and the board gave him nothing, so I took the pot and was happy. Came home around 11.30PM and went to bed at 2AM.

Next morning I was a bit tired, but still fit enough to do some work at home. Just the normal housework, cleaning, archiving etc. – between some duties on the computer. At 5PM we started the final day of the tourney. Only 16 of the 19 qualified showed up, once again – just asking why, but who cares. We went down to one table after about 1 1/2 hours I think. Six people will be in the money, so the fight was hard. Ok, I eliminated the 10th player early in the second hand but then we were 9 and played really long. In the end we arrived the money bubble and three players with few chips went out of tourney very fast. Now we were 3 left, one player short of chips pushing all-in several times but finally he was eliminated too. So thee I was, heads-up with an opponent I never played before – and who played very aggressive. Anyways he was a bit angry after I won a big pot against him some hours before 😀 when I hit a set of tens against his pair of jacks. The heads-up was boring and we both got tired I think, lasted again some time and in the end I pushed with J9 suited and was called from KJ suited, I hit the 9 on the flop but his king came on the turn so he won the tournament and I got 2nd for another 250 in cash 🙂 nice payout. It was nearly 10PM when I came home and was happy with my weekend. I watched some football (NFL conference semi-finals) on TV and went to bed around midnight.

I wish everyone a nice start into the new week!

that’s the way I like it

Had a relaxed start into the week yesterday. First of all it was a very long day – starting at 6AM when I jumped out of bed, finishing at 2AM this morning when I entered my bed to fell asleep very quickly. So I had a 20 hours days – but those 20 hours were really interesting and great.

After I had breakfast and dressed for the day, I went to my car and drove to Ludmannsdorf to teach four hours of theory – which was the last part of my holiday course there. Atmosphere was very relaxed, everyone happy about finishing the course and having fun. So I started the course at 8AM and finished around 11.30AM. Afterwards one of my students had some driving lessons, so we went to my car and drove back to Klagenfurt. To be honest, this student wasn’t acting so good until yesterday, but this time she really surprised me. We went to the training park and tried the parking exercises – which she did well. After a relaxed drive through the city center we went back to Ludmannsdorf and finished the lesson there. I drove back to Klagenfurt and visited the office of my driving school to update my calendar and write down some things. Also got the info that I will have another course on friday evening. Then, around 2.30PM, I went home and had some lunch.

Already fixed a meeting with some friend, who normally studies in Vienna, earlier. He was in town for holidays and had his last day before goin back, so we met for a coffee and some talk at our favorite bar. Stayed there until 5PM and then went to the City Arkaden (biggest shopping center in town) to look for some DVD. Wasn’t successful during the last days, no shop had it – so again no luck this time – got informed they will get some new pieces in about 5-7 weeks, .. just crazy. So I decided to take a walk down to the old square and visit another shop, where I thought they could have some pieces left as they normally don’t have so many customers there – and yes I was right – three DVDs left and so I got one.

Went back to the shopping center and when I walked through the entrance doors I noticed a woman waving in my direction. I looked closer and saw the boss of my favorite card casino standing there. She had some coffee at the bar of the coffee shop next to the entrance. We wished each other a happy new year and she invited me to stay and have a drink too. So we talked about poker, work, life and so on. Later two of my friends, both also dealers the the card room, came across and joined us. We stayed there until 6PM and decided to meet again one hour later at the card room as there was a 20 Euro buy-in turbo tournament this evening. They persuaded me to participate or better said made it interesting to me 😀 .. so I agreed and just returned home for some quick evening meal. Again left my flat at 6.45PM and arrived in the card room just some minutes before 7PM. Checked in for the tourney and started to play. Some 3 hours later I finished in 3rd place and got paid. Unfortunately not so many participants there, so it wasn’t the big thing, but enough to feel happy. Also had a lot of fun. Went on to play three other tables with 10 players each, one table “sit and go” tourneys to be correct, just for fun – 10 euro buy-in each. Finished out of money two times but on the third one I got 2nd and won the buy-ins back. After this I had enough for the evening, already was very tired – left the place (where in the meantime a lot more players showed up and even cash game tables were full, but I wasn’t interested in it this time).

When I arrived home, which was approx. 0.30AM this morning, I switched on my computer to check mails and have a look what happened through the day. Noticed some friend still online too and as I hadn’t talked to her since mid-december I sent a note. We started chatting and time passed by – we both were tired, but didn’t want to go to bed. Finally at 2AM we said good night and called it a day .. I went to bed. That was my monday 🙂 .. great way to start a week!

Today then was epiphany, a religious holiday here in Austria. Mostly stayed at home and worked on some stuff. Washed my car after lunch and drove trough the countryside with my mum, who wanted to see where I teached the course lately. Rest of the day just was that typical lazy holiday thing – type of sitting around and doing nothing 😀

Tomorrow goin back to university after three weeks of holiday! Will post some news photos soon, just planing another series about work and university.

good morning january

So the old one is gone, the new one just begun. Had a relaxed eve yesterday, celebrated most time at home, had some glasses of champagne and went to bed around 2AM. Now it’s time to welcome 2009 with a little entry 😉

Note: Don’t make resolutions!

I don’t make any resolutions since some years. Most time they aren’t successful and make no sense. This year I tend to break my own rule and said that there will be some things I want to do – but I don’t need the new year for this, .. it would have been the same if there’s nothing special.

First of all I want to be successful in study and job, .. finish most of my university courses positive and train many students to their driving license and hopefully earn some money with it.

Other “resolutions” are more type of discipline 😀 .. so I want to stop chewing my fingernails (now do it for a lot of years .. a relict from my school time) cause I hate it. Another plan is to loose some weight again, got a little tummy in 2008 – not what I like to have normally 😉 .. some training on my homebike to follow! And … more flirting and find a girl … I’m feeling lonely very often, so I’m looking forward to find someone to hug and fell in love – that would be great and could make this new year a special one!

long time ago … taken in summer 2007

Of course, “taking more photos” coulde be another point on that “list” but this is obligatory to me, as I already started again – maybe also doin’ film again, some b/w films from Agfa, Ilford and Kodak still waiting in my fridge – but most time I will do digital. (beside I’m thinking to return with a website/portfolio, as I actually just use my blog but still have a domain that isn’t used)


Roadmap 2009

Where to go in year 2009? I already thought about this question and think about making some city and photo trips (if there’s enough time and money). My plans so far: Visit Vienna once or twice (soon in spring and later on in summer), goin to Venice in spring or so (one or two days for takin photos, maybe with other photographers), flying to London for some days of sight seeing and cultural programme, also taking lots of photos, maybe meeting some other bloggers – and last but not least planing to visit Barcelona to test my spanish skills in field. In the end I’m sure this won’t work like I want, but we’ll see. (beside I have some dreams of goin to N.Y. City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas – but don’t think of it in 2009)

roadmap09 Barcelona, London, Venice & Vienna

Poker .. or how to bluff you opponent

When it comes to poker ambitions I get a little musing. First I want to improve my skills, .. everyone wants this and I know I’m still having lots of errors in my play, anyways I had a good poker year in 2008. I finished top in some tournaments, I started to play cash game and most of the time won some money. In cash game I had only 4 or 5 terrible evenings this year , meaning I lost and was angry about myself afterwards. For 2009 I intend to play less cash game and go back to tournaments most of the time. Reason number one is money and that I want to be on the save side – cash game is expensive and when you don’t have the bankroll for it, you shouldn’t do it – my roll is ok, but I’m totally sure I don’t want to risk too much! So maybe I gonna play between one and three tournaments every month – should be enough. Online play is not my thing so far, thinking about learning more online or stop it and just play live in future. We’ll see. A little dream for 2009: qualifying for a big event like the European Poker Tour (maybe in Dortmund or San Remo, I don’t know) or any other interesting stuff like the WSOP in Las Vegas.

mike_pokerplayer02 yeah I know … I’m looking strange 😉

2009 already close ….

… lets try to find some words about the last days of 2008.

Monday started with course in the morning, had some hours of talking about crossroads and railways crossings. All in all not the easy stuff most students want to learn, but a very important point for the theoretical exam – so I had to teach it quite intensive. Think they got it, questions were answered good. Afterwards I met Thomas, Dani and Martin around 3PM (did some car wash before as my car was full of dirt after driving lessons from the snowy weekend). We went to our favorite coffee bar called Robert’s and had some talk and coffee there. Wasn’t that long stay as we normally tend to have there, .. just a bit longer than an hour. Jumped into my ride, brought Thomas and Dani back home, as they had to carry some bags after shopping – and drove to the driving school to pick up some material for a new student I got yesterday.

After this I called Tini to fix our meeting, we already planned in the early afternoon. We managed to meet at Mimi’s which is a japanese restaurant where we often come together, especially when it comes to celebrate birthday parties. We didn’t had such a meeting with lots of talk for a long time .. we both really enjoyed it. So we had some asian food and after all the talking we left the place around 8.30PM. Went to get some goods to fill her fridge and drove her home – afterwards went home too and had a relaxed evening with watching TV, some chatting on skype and icq and got tired really quick – wanted to watch a new episode of Las Vegas around 11.20PM and fell asleep before it started, .. can’t remember that I switched off the TV from bed 😀

Today then, early wake again – went to my car around 7.10AM and got a big problem as it didn’t want to start. Tried it several times, but nothing happened. Now I was in a hurry. Grandpa came down to the garage, we towed my car with his one and so we went to the repair – exchanged keys, so I could drive down to Ludmannsdorf to hold my course as every day. Arrived there just 10 minutes late, already had imformed my students about trouble with my car. Later on, around 10AM I got my ride back – everything fine again – they had to repair something with the relay of the fuel feed pipe – I don’t know exaclty. Anyways – we changed cars again, I went on with course and had another driving lesson after this – nothing to report on this one – had a good day with my job.

So when I came home I fixed cinema for the evening, as we wanted to see Madagascar 2 during the holidays. Was picked up by Daniel and Bianca at 5.30PM and went to the cinema to buy the tickets. Changed location for some dinner – which we took at the nearby chinese restaurant. Had some chicken and vegetables, also a spring roll which is obligatory to me when eating at an asian restaurant 😀 Went back to cinema and enjoyed the funny movie, liked it a lot. Now sitting here, getting tired and soon will go to bed. Tomorrow once again course at 8AM, no lessons afterwards – will be at home for new year’s eve, just celebrating with family this year – maybe having a game evening or something like that – we’ll see.

Maybe I’ll make another post tomorrow, more likely this will happen on 1st of January 2009 – then I will be back with a little review on 2008 and some thoughts and ideas for 2009 – different stuff all the way, just things I want to tell you.