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back to blogging … give it another try in 2015

During my stay in Prague I noticed my english is quite in good shape. I thought it would rather be in terrible condition – but instead communication went pretty well all three days. Therefore I decided to go back to blogging regularly … and due to the circumstances it’ll be in english.

So many friends out there are not able to understand german and as I always wanted to reach most of my followers, it’s the best decision to blog in english again … and of course it’s always a good lesson for me too!

What happened since my last entry on this blog? Wow, that would be too much now …. it’s been three years .. and a lot things have changed! Jobs, university, personal life & health, family & friends, … think that would last some pages and could be too much for one entry – especially as I want to keep it short and simple!

Right now I’m 33 years old, will finish my thesis at university within the next 3-6 weeks until summer and gonna have finished my study with the last oral exam in early autumn. After that I’ll be much more focused on a new job as I lost or better said ended my work as a driving instructor in march 2014. I also had some health problems last year .. summer and autumn turned in a struggle as I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. My body was not ok anymore – I noticed that in spring and summer ‘14 and got to the doc in late July, where everything changed … but no worry, it changed in a good way – I’m ok right now, still on daily medicine and regular check ups all 4-6 weeks, but I’m fine and that makes me really happy. Maybe these points are or were the most important ones during the last months & years .. don’t wanna go too deep back .. 2012-14 is gone .. 2015 and the future are important now! So maybe I’ll give a short flashback later on, but for now, and to say it with Michael Jackson: this is it! More entries soon, .. Michael