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things change .. or don’t they?

summer moved on … leaves are falling

so there I am .. back on track .. and still fresh … but not so active during the last months, .. I’m sorry. to be honest I had the best summer of my life, .. and I’m not joking, .. it was the time of my life 🙂 🙂 … but hey, life goes on and therefore my great summer ended .. this time ended and autumn came over the country and my life … but in the meantime I’m happy again and can smile again!


I’m so focused on facebook and tend to write a lot there, so I’m missing to update my blog regularly, i know!! I also don’t take a lot of photos, something I want to change every year .. but I don’t know why I can’t make it 😀 haha … maybe once again a good idea to start now 😉 … so to sum up that *little* sentence: if you wanna know what happened during all the weeks since my last entry here (which was in august, just before my travel to Vienna and also just before a lot of things changed this year and summer to a wonderful one) a good advice from myself: look on my facebook profile .. I won’t sum it up here 😀

By the way .. I celebrated my 29th birthday some two weeks ago; went to the city to have a little dinner and party with friends, goin out and enjoy a nice evening … just one photo for now (maybe post some more later on) …

Foto0258 my four blondes and I 😀

poker … or the story of ups and downs

now I’m heading to Vienna again … to be exact on sunday, .. as the European Poker Tour is having a stop there this year. My good friends Matthias will be playing the main event, after he won a big title in brasil this summer and also reached the final table on the following event in argentina. So I hope he’ll do well again and plays a good tournament. I will just watch the play from outside, means I want to see the stars and the action in total .. just having fun visiting such a big event. I may play a side-event and/or look for cashgames/tournaments in the big cardrooms in Vienna, as this week should offer enough action. I had a good year in total, … a nice positive run at the end of summer, just now have a little downswing the last 3 weeks or so, but hey .. that’s the game we play … that’s poker, and everything will get positive again 🙂


Will be back soon with another entry and hopefully with more new pictures and photos from Vienna and my life … and as always I would be happy about any comments, as they are really seldom on my blog 😉