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Update in the middle of August

Quite some time since I posted something to my blog. Often thought about it, but never did. So here we go, .. it’s middle of August, 14th to be exact .. and I have some 10 days of holidays in front of me. Left work yesterday morning after two driving lessons, to begin my well deserved summer holiday. So far I only had the weekends and some single days (I think 2 tuesdays and one day in between) off work. Before this started, I was totally fixed on university and was happy when everything was finished, even when I know there are still a lot of papers to write for the summer semester 😀 … but that’s normal I think. Everyone has these problems and everyone has to work (ok probably most out there haha).

So what to tell about the past 4 or 5 months, .. hm so much that I won’t bore you with details. It would end in a massive adding of stupid details, .. and that’s not what I’m here for. Better let some photos speek (and afterwards some news about travelling and what is planned the next weeks):

000 Daniel and Bianca finally came back from Rome (btw I wasn’t there)
(mr. Cool, taken in Graz, on a trip to visit Viki)
I’m happy to have my brother back 🙂

landscape near Graz, Viki’s hometown in the background
unfortunately Viki is now in Chile for 6 months, quite a long time :-/

3 5 9 11 15  16I documented this little fire some three weeks ago. the car went out of the nearby gas station and after some meters something exploded inside the engine bay.
I quickly to the 5D and made some pics of the burning car and the following firefighters operation. the next day one of my pics and some personal statements were present in a big austrian newspaper.

That’s all from the photo front, .. not so much as you will say .. yeah I really had not much time and sometimes I missed to take photos or it’s not worth to be shown (also was on a b-day party where I took photos and did some shooting with a local radio moderator, who plays in a band and wanted some photos of him playing guitar .. but I won’t post anything of those here).

Next week I’m goin to Vienna once again .. this becomes a regular summer activity to me. Last time I was there is back in september 2009 (before it was february 2009 and july 2008). in total I think it’s my 7th visit to Vienna, I’m really looking forward to it. This time I travel with Martin, who’s flat I already had twice for the last two visits, as he’s on holiday too and has to check some stuff before goin back to Vienna later on. So we will start on Tuesday, coming back on Friday .. finishing our trip with a big barbecue party at his place here in Klagenfurt, to which we already invited some 15 or more guests 😀 .. so in total it sounds like a whole bunch of fun and a cool week. Hopefully I will have time to meet with some friends, we also planned a shopping day (maybe looking for a lens for the 5D), visit Schoenbrunn to see the newborn elephant baby and take some typical tourist photos 😉 haha .. have an evening at the Prater, including me avoiding any crazy rides (but I think this may fail), maybe also goin to the Neusiedler See for one afternoon, as Martin has to finish his kite-surf-seminar (chance to take some photos) .. and many more .. so a lot of stuff for 4 days .. we’ll see what is possible. Next time I will bring you some pictures from the trip, … afterwards I have to go back to work .. but there are some plans for september .. just give you the key words: trip – croatia – italy – car – two guys – fun – photos 😀 .. see you soon!