two and another month

it’s nearly middle of march and so two months are already gone this year. what happended in january and february you might ask now, .. especially as I missed to post the promised pics and never made updates since the silvester entry. to be honest, .. I was lazy again 😀 … no intention to post or update, .. life is busy, lots of things happened. happily most things were good and so far I’m fine with 2010.


travelling, freetime & having fun

visited Graz some month ago, as I had to attend a training seminar for my driving instructor job. I used this trip to Graz to visit my friends Karin and Stefan and extended my stay from friday until sunday. Also met with Viktoria who was at home during the semester holidays. so I had three relaxed days. unfortunately weather wasn’t the best and my motivation to take photos wasn’t that high too. in two weeks, which will be 19th to 21st of march, I will go there again .. this time mainly for shopping and having fun. also goin to visit a photofair which is held there on sunday 21st, .. maybe looking for some new gear. (1Ds would be nice, .. or maybe some new lens hm, .. I dunno exactly, .. let’s see)

in the days before Daniel and Bianca went to Rome for their erasmus semester there. of course I’m missing a bit, but time is running fast and … I wanna visit them in may. never been to Rome, so this could be a nice trip with lots of sightseeing, partying and meeting people .. just having fun and enjoying “la dolce vita” 🙂

I also bought a new laptop, sony vaio 14”, as my old one ran out of power and wasn’t that strong anymore. always had to use the cable and that isn’t good for long stays at university. so far I’m happy about that decision, it’s a real awesome machine and I love it. later on I made gift to my mum and bought a new TV for the living room as the old one was close to a crash. found a good offer for a 37” screen and some days later it was already standing in the flat. in the summary I spent quite a lot of money so far this year, but I don’t feel like I wasted it .. it was more or less necessary. on the other hand, when I look how many people have nothing and need simple things to be happy, it’s a question of luxury … but that’s the way of life in the west I think, .. we should be happy to live in a country like Austria. so next thing to think about is moving out and find a flat for my own … also thought about moving to another city, as I liked Graz a lot. maybe this could become true one time … but I think I could miss some things about Klagenfurt, anyways it’s a dump 😉


cards, cards, cards

what goes for poker, this year started off pretty well. right at the beginning, I won a big live tournament on 2nd of january which meant a lot for me .. as it was my biggest cash so far. the weeks after I made some money in cash game and ended up that month with a quite nice plus, which balanced all my losses in 2009 🙂 .. “well done sir!” to myself. february was more like a rollercoaster up and down, .. and now I hope march will be a quiet month .. also decided not play that much this year. so far I’m doin well and feel good with it.



winter semester ended with lots of papers to write. still have to write three or four pieces to finish up some of the seminars. in general I’m not so confident about that semester, some things went wrong and my learning ambitions were not so high. hopefully the summer semester will bring more success. I also just started my job as a tutor for one seminar about technology and movement.


so for now I hope weather is goin to bring back spring and sun, as we have snowfall and cold temperatures today. spring would mean I’m goin to go out more often and take my cam with me too 😉 … and so this blog will be filled a lot more. have a nice one!

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