the old year is gone, another one just began

once again long run since my last entry on this blog. I’m not that consequent with my thoughts and writing I think 😀

these days, or better said in the last months of 2009, I more and more used facebook as my personal platform to submit thoughts and news. therefore I tend to update my status there every day, I blog news and as most of my friends are also registered there and I wasn’t in a good mood for blogging here, I more or less missed to post anything … even no photo entries (but that’s nothing new haha 😉 .. isn’t it?).

so as I don’t make any new year’s pledges (except this year I want to loose some weight and get fitter once again, as 2009 was a horrible year for my body haha .. but that isn’t a pledge, it’s my own wish) I won’t say “more entries in 2010” .. I just wanna do it!!! so I hope this will be true and to start right now, I’ll post this entry with a short story about the last months and later on including a photo story from the new year’s celebration with some friends. for this one we went up to my family’s house I the mountains, some 1900 meters above the sea, to have three relaxed days full of fun, playing games, cooking a lot and say welcome to a hopefully better year 2010.

so from this last sentence you might see, 2009 had some wonderful days and times for me, but also had some black days I just want to forget. first of all I fell in love like I never did before and was so sure it will be good … especially as I thought christmas will be a wonderful time, being in love and feeling something I never did before .. but some one or two weeks before it all was over and I feel down in a deep hole. my luck in those days was, that I have wonderful friends and a brother, .. ok he’s my best friend, but for me he’s my brother, that helped me through and so christmas and the end of 2009 was fun for me too.

during november and december wasn‘t working that much, had just few students at driving school, so there was more time for university, which I tried to use senseful. to be honest I’m a bit lazy lately, but most of my works were done successfully and ended up in good marks I think. best thing so far, or better said best consequence, is a job as a tutor in summer semester 2010, which I got offered by one of my professors. I’m, attending a seminar about connection of technology and social stuff this year and some weeks ago we had a presentation where I did really well and made an impressive appearance, so the next day I got offered that job … and for sure I instantly replied to accept this offer. beside university is quite normal as always .. seminars and lectures running good … only had to cancel russian language course because of other more important tasks. so in total autumn and the beginning winter brought nothing special, just living like I did before I think 😉 … just correct me if you think you need to.

so that’s part one for now … the photostory from our 3-days-party in the mountains will be online tomorrow I think … need to check 1001 photos on the cf card of my camera .. and I know Daniel also made some 160, which I hope to see soon 😉 … so I hope you’ll be back tomorrow or the following days to have a look.

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