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three great days, new year in the mountains

promised you a report about our new year celebrations in the mountains some week ago, but I missed to post. had to do more important stuff and in the end had a bunch of work at university and work .. so with a little delay, here are some pics from our 3 days in the snowy mountains.

I arrived at our house on 30th of Dec. early morning. Went there before all others, to get everything running .. heating, water, etc. .. I just wanted to guarantee a warm welcome to my friends when they gonna arrive around mid-afternoon. to make it short, around 3 or 4PM all others showed up and we unloaded the cars and carried everything to the house (everyone was panting for air afterwards, we’re all in really bad shape haha) This was how it started. Rest of the day was cooking, eating, playing, singing, having fun .. until 4AM when we called it a night (or morning) and went to bed to have some short 5 or 6 hours sleep until 10.


That night we had a full moon and therefore we had a wonderful night with a nearly perfect sky, full of stars and the area lighted by the moon. This photo was taken at 4.04AM on 31st of Dec., freehand (thx for Daniel for lending his shoulder as a bio-tripod haha) .. nothing special but it was such a great atmosphere!


Next morning, Dec. 31st, we had a delicious breakfast around late morning and afterwards decided to dress up for a walk in the snowy landscape. to be honest, there was less snow than the weeks before, rain and some warm temperatures had done a “good” job .. but we still had fun, as you can see on the following pics.

IMG_8874 IMG_8881 IMG_9127 We even found a wall full of icicles …


… and some of us cimbled up the hill to roll down some nice stuff …
like this “litle monument” (which weighted like 40 to 60 kilogramm).


IMG_9022 IMG_9031

For Daniel this was worth posing for some photos 😉 well done mate 😀


‘’man power’ 😀


After this walk we came home hungry and prepared everything for the big evening. We had some typical austrian stuff like Kaiserschmarrn, followed by a huge pot of Chili con carne with baked tortillas and salad. As normally Daniel did his best, no wonder as skilled cook, to make us happy .. but each one of us made his part there, such as Roland and I made the Chili, which I hope everyone really liked haha.

IMG_9209 Roland choping some paprika

IMG_9233 At aproxx. 23.30 we left the house to get ready for the big firework and the countdown to 2010. We already made some snow-bar right up the meadow behind the house .. where we cooled some sparkling wine and had a ramp for our own firework. I tried to give my best and report this with my cam (see youself what happened .. especially when Daniel got my cam into his hands again haha).

IMG_9252 IMG_9319 IMG_9405 IMG_9434 IMG_9492

.. and now to Daniel’s pics 😉 [never show your buddies how to use your cam, even when it’s dark and nothing makes auto-focussing possible, thanks dude .. great job!]




back to mine .. lets get the party stared 😀






… and he got my cam once again, I wish … ok just see 😀




This was all I had to say there .. happy new year 😀 .. ok folks I wasn’t drunk, those pics were just fun, .. not a lot of booze out there, just those two bottles, .. but who cares, you could have a lot of fun without it! 🙂

our wonderful couple .. Daniel & Bianca, .. really nice self-portrait

So this was all I had to show you, … next morning we celebrated until 5AM, went to bed and had breakfast around 11.30AM, still tired and not in the mood to do a lot. So we just played some games like we did the whole night before, … and somewhere at 3PM my guests left the place … and two hours later I did the same to come back to Klagenfurt in the evening … having some nice memories in my mind and maybe hoping for some repitition next year. Thanks again to Bianca, Daniel, Roland, Stefan & Johannes for those really nice days!

For those of you who are interested in more pics, just see my facebook account (if it’s possible for you .. of course only my friends can see it, sorry).

I will post some pics of the big Open Air Icehockey Game last saturday … maybe tonight or tomorrow, .. had great fun there (not because of the game which our team lost against our biggest rival) and so I hope to see you back soon!

the old year is gone, another one just began

once again long run since my last entry on this blog. I’m not that consequent with my thoughts and writing I think 😀

these days, or better said in the last months of 2009, I more and more used facebook as my personal platform to submit thoughts and news. therefore I tend to update my status there every day, I blog news and as most of my friends are also registered there and I wasn’t in a good mood for blogging here, I more or less missed to post anything … even no photo entries (but that’s nothing new haha 😉 .. isn’t it?).

so as I don’t make any new year’s pledges (except this year I want to loose some weight and get fitter once again, as 2009 was a horrible year for my body haha .. but that isn’t a pledge, it’s my own wish) I won’t say “more entries in 2010” .. I just wanna do it!!! so I hope this will be true and to start right now, I’ll post this entry with a short story about the last months and later on including a photo story from the new year’s celebration with some friends. for this one we went up to my family’s house I the mountains, some 1900 meters above the sea, to have three relaxed days full of fun, playing games, cooking a lot and say welcome to a hopefully better year 2010.

so from this last sentence you might see, 2009 had some wonderful days and times for me, but also had some black days I just want to forget. first of all I fell in love like I never did before and was so sure it will be good … especially as I thought christmas will be a wonderful time, being in love and feeling something I never did before .. but some one or two weeks before it all was over and I feel down in a deep hole. my luck in those days was, that I have wonderful friends and a brother, .. ok he’s my best friend, but for me he’s my brother, that helped me through and so christmas and the end of 2009 was fun for me too.

during november and december wasn‘t working that much, had just few students at driving school, so there was more time for university, which I tried to use senseful. to be honest I’m a bit lazy lately, but most of my works were done successfully and ended up in good marks I think. best thing so far, or better said best consequence, is a job as a tutor in summer semester 2010, which I got offered by one of my professors. I’m, attending a seminar about connection of technology and social stuff this year and some weeks ago we had a presentation where I did really well and made an impressive appearance, so the next day I got offered that job … and for sure I instantly replied to accept this offer. beside university is quite normal as always .. seminars and lectures running good … only had to cancel russian language course because of other more important tasks. so in total autumn and the beginning winter brought nothing special, just living like I did before I think 😉 … just correct me if you think you need to.

so that’s part one for now … the photostory from our 3-days-party in the mountains will be online tomorrow I think … need to check 1001 photos on the cf card of my camera .. and I know Daniel also made some 160, which I hope to see soon 😉 … so I hope you’ll be back tomorrow or the following days to have a look.