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sense of blogging

so the last entry was back in august, about 8 weeks ago. in the mean time summer is over, autumn dominating the country now … university started again and work got a bit reduced after the intensive months in summer. I still have some students to finish and also got some new, but it’s ok now as I don’t have so much time during the university semester. this winter semester I visit several courses to sum up the first part of my study and also attend courses from the 2nd part too. beside I try to go on with spanish, attending 2nd level course now .. and I was in the mood for another new language (seems like I do every two or three years haha) and so I decided to start with russian. motivated two of my friends for it, to have more fun and not feeling lonely there. so I’m running about 10-12 seminars and lectures this semester and hope to come closer to my final paper which I hope to start in approx. 1 or 1 1/2 years, just before my 30th birthday. btw birthdays 😉 .. I turned 28 ‘bout two weeks ago and had a little celebration with some friends. went to a mexican restaurant and later on visited a bar to have some drinks and enjoy music. unfortunately I was a bit sick those days and got a little cold which stayed for two weeks 😦 .. but I was lucky and got healthy some days later.

changes after my birthday

to sum up my birthday I can tell you some things about my presents. my own birthday present was a little gratification for the hard summer. I bought a new TV for my room (ok this was with some money I got from my mum and grands) .. a Philips 26” LCD Screen. To make it perfect I invested some bucks in a new Playstation 3 and three games for it. From my friends Daniel, Bianca and Viki I got a traditional italian espresso machine, coffee, sugar and espresso cups. My room got a very nice change too, as I got a really beautiful painting from Kerstin, which is now main part of the wall above my bed. A spanish vocabulary book made it to my desk too 🙂 .. good stuff right now. All others were indirectly involved in the Playstation 3, as I got several vouchers for the shopping center from my friends Tini, Thomas & Dani. I was really happy about all those gifts and wonderful ideas! My room will get another change as I want to look for a new TV board this week, .. need to change it a little bit because of height and to get more storage. Already made a clean up yesterday, when i threw away some 120 old video tapes I recorded on TV in the 90s. I also found about 100 music tapes and added them to the garbage too. unbelievable how much old stuff piles up over the years .. it really was time to remove it. now there’s plenty of room for my cameras and all that stuff.

cards are in the air

I tried to reduce my poker activities a little bit. most of the time I played live and tried to quit with online poker, as I don’t like it anymore or better said, got several bad beats during the last weeks. so I wasn’t very lucky there. if you’re interested in more, visit our pokerblog I have with two friends of mine >> pokerblog

missing some of my best friends

lately I’m missing my friends very often. I think this is a problem I’ll always have, as many of my friends have left the town and now study or work in Graz and Vienna. some of my hobbies like billard, snooker, darts or bowling have been cut to a minimum as I don’t have friends nearby .. or better said no one interested in those stuff. I hope this will change some time … right now I’m a bit sad about it!

next time I hope to show you some new photos or some other stuff, .. tell you interesting stories or bring funny episodes from university. for now, have a nice day!