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feeling good

just having a good mood right now. had some nice days enjoying the time with friends. of course I had another week with some 45 driving lessons (and a month with about 135 in total) but I also had fun goin out a lot. went out for the first time on monday, when we watched inglourious basterds in cinema and had a drink at the irish pub afterwards. next morning I was damn tired 😛 no surprise haha. tuesday evening I stayed at home and wednesday then I was out in the city again, meeting one of my best friends and his girlfriend who came in from Vienna to have a visit at home. again long evening, next morning started to work at 9AM as always these days. normally I have some 8 to 11 hours in the car, so you might understand my sleeping problem .. getting not much sleep when goin out, isn’t good for my job 😉 but I always keep my concentration. thursday we decided to meet for dinner after work, so my friends and I met at a our favorite japanese restaurant and had a walk through the old city center later on. friday then was the first day of the Altstadtzauber festival, where we have a big flea market in the center and many stages with music and other stuff like comedians. work ended at 4PM and so I had an early start into the weekend. again met with Thomas & Dani and walked over the flea market for some hours, visited the old square to have some drink and listen to the bands around. later on met other friends and finished the evening with a visit at our favorite cafe (also to sum up as it was the last evening of their visit) and took a taxi back home together. saturday weather changed from hot and sunny to rain and a little temperature shock from 30 down to 14 celsius. most of the day I stayed at home and was quite lazy. in the evening I went to see Daniel, Bianca and Vicky who were at Vicky’s new flat and fixed some stuff. we soon headed to the city center to have a drink at the irish pub once again and later on around 10PM we went to see a country/rock band on one of the festival stages. it became very cold standing there, so we went back to the flat around midnight and stayed for another hour talking. when we left the place some minutes before 1AM I decided to visit JPS cardroom to see what’s goin on. they had one table with just 6 players and so I joined with 100 bucks and the ambition to double it quickly. about one hour later I left with 185 and called it a night and went to bed at 3AM this morning 😀 .. so I was out 4 days in a row and had to get some sleep, which meant I just relaxed today and stayed at home again. to be honest it was a really stressful week but I had so much fun 🙂

now I’m awaiting another full week, with a practical exam on thursday – should have between 5 and 7 students for this one, .. btw in total I actually have approx. 25-30 students .. too much when university starts again in october, so I hope most of them will be finished this month.

my visit to Vienna comes nearer too. the date 9th to 13th of september was more or less fixed, now I’m thinking about a little change .. but maybe it’s the moment, … normally I will be in our capital city in two weeks 🙂 yeah! can’t wait to see some people and have fun there. have a nice week!

“no more time ..

.. for anything” would be the best title for a new blog entry. right now I have some hours off work and time to post some lines here. more or less working 8-12 hours a day, normally Mo.-Fr., sometimes like tomorrow also on Sa. – have some 20 students at the moment and our driving school is really booked to capacity. so far this summer I had about 2 evenings in the city and some 3 or 4 weekends at home … anything else was work 😀 … good for my wallet but terrible for socializing! my friends could tell you a thing or two about it 😉 next two or three weeks this will hold on .. ok I take my time next weekend when we have a city festival, so I will meet with friends and have fun going out. (maybe doin this also tomorrow) so the situation is getting better and better.

my vacation

as you might have noticed I was in Croatia in the first week of August, .. the only free time I had this summer so far 🙂 .. was fun there, weather was more or less good the whole week (with exceptions on 2 days) and so it was damn hot, sunny, sea was beautiful and people very nice. took a load of nearly 800 photos there, but to be honest it was the typical “holiday – vacation – sun/sea/beach/fun” stuff … no street, no architecture or similar .. just sunsets, water, sea and blue sky .. to give you a little impression what I mean, here are some examples (rest can be found on my flickr account >> Flickr / Porec – Croatia


coming up next …

next trip will be 9/10th until 13th of September .. goin to Vienna once again, .. playing one or two poker tourneys there, do some shopping (want to buy new lens for the 30D and again look for something used if possible), meet with friends and of course take photos. at the moment I’m saving money for the lens, as I have some 20 students and about 50 hours driving a week this shouldn’t be a big problem, but we’ll see. in terms of poker I played the qualification for the carinthian masters last week, but didn’t make the main event so I decided not to play it (direct buy-in was a bit too much for slow dealers and quite bad players (50% of the people there don’t have a clue about poker, .. don’t know rules etc. … not interested in such a shit) .. therefore I prefer to play cash game at my favorite card room, which I tend to visit again tomorrow evening after goin out 😀 … wish me luck.

a note for all people interested in street and good photography, also having fun watching pics on a blog … visit Sev’s and Chris’s blogs .. they posted a mass of pics from Sev’s visit to states … quite great stuff, so have a click and see >> Severin Koller & Chris Weeks .. it’s worth taking some time!

I could go on now .. and of course have missed a lot I wanted to post .. but I forgot most of the shit my brain stored during the last two month and also don’t have the time right now .. work is calling in about 30 minutes, so have a nice one .. a presto, hasta pronto, see you soon!