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… s.u.m.m.e.r.

at the moment I’m not so motivated to blog something. of course, there’s plenty to tell, report or show … long time again since last entry. work is hard right now, sitting in the car 8 hours a day, not so much time to relax and just work – eat – sleep all day, .. weekends are more or less spent at home or with friends, … really looking forward to some holiday trip soon. goin to be in croatia from 1st to 8th of august, .. just sea, sun and fun … and as you could imagine, I take my cam + equipment with me. (but this could have some typical “holiday” outcome with pictures of the region, sea and landscape .. but why not 😉

at university everything was ok, .. exams passed well, most of the classes already finished with start of the summer, just some stuff missing, .. so I will try to finish in autumn. at driving school we actually have a full class room .. 50 people showing up every 2-weeks-holiday class (some special package to get the license more quick) .. and therefore I have about 13-15 students to drive .. awesome, but also a bit stressy and hard .. as you might have noticed .. 30+° celsius in austria right now .. 8 hours are hard in a not so well climatized car. beside we had a nice photowalk last saturday (part of the worldwide photowalk of scott kelby) which was great fun .. never had so many participants (bout 32 I think) .. but I missed to take many shots .. just a few to show up on my flickr account and facebook. (more or less documentation from the walk, nothing special).

so .. I might edit this one or post another this week, .. now I have to leave for work, .. starting with the first two lessons of the day at 9AM .. have a nice day!