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three weeks to go ..

.. until university is over for this semester, continuing with winter semester starting in october then. at the moment I’m learning for an exam on wednesday, facing the next one right on monday and waiting for many more until 1st of july. already finished some classes with success, need to write some papers too .. afterwards I will have time for travelling, doing more on my job and enjoy the summer.

on the job

still have about 5-7 students, some quite finished and close to their practical test. soon gonna get some new ones, as summer holidays start and normally that’s the time most young want to make their driving license. should have a full calender with lots of hours driving and maybe also some teaching theory at the school. to be honest, I’m really happy about my job (especially the money haha) 🙂

freetime .. enjoy, relax, have fun

was in cinema quite often during the last weeks, which I already reported on my latest entry. meantime we also watched “star trek”, which we found quite good .. maybe best movie this year so far my friends said .. even if we are not fans of the series. next one gonna be “terminator: salvation” on wednesday.

beside I hadn’t the best time in poker, lost quite often and have terrible down swing at the moment. now gonna take a break from live cash game, need to refresh and recover from loosing so much. most terrible thing beside: last saturday when I came back to my car at 1.30AM, I found the left sidemirror of my car hanging down, teared by some stupid vandals. *damn* … that will cost me another 160 bucks minimum (will bring my ride to the repair on thursday). Thanks bastards!!

to stay one moment with poker, just want to inform you about our new blog project. some friends of mine asked if I want to blog about poker with them and as I already had a poker blog for myself some time ago (never update during the last year) I agreed and now report on my (Maniac7) poker activities under (only available in german!!!) together with my colleagues Stefan and Roland.

about one week ago I bought the sims 3 and started playing. the game is quite fun, something different between playing cards and sport games. I like the gameplay and you have so many more options in comparison with part 2. think this will be bring many interesting hours .. especially in autumn or winter when it gets worser outside. right now I try to focus on outside activities whenever I can .. problem at the moment is too much university and work, but that will change! I also started to train a little more again, … climbing onto my homebike every evening for minimum 30 minutes and hope to get back in shape during the next one two months .. think that’s a possible and senseful aim!

vacations .. there we go

so far I want to travel a lot this summer, but it depends on how much work is waiting at driving school. I have to pay attention to my job, as july and august are the most important months in my job … but I also want to enjoy some time of my holidays from university .. I need it to be honest!

that’s why I plan the following trips in summer:

two days/weekend in Graz .. visiting Karin and Stefan, maybe also meet with two or three other friends, have fun, go shopping and enjoy nightlife 😀

four/five days in Vienna (long weekend possible) .. visiting Werner, Melanie, Thomas, Martin and all the others that left our beautiful city to find their luck in Vienna. I need this cause I really miss some of them and also want to look for new camera equipment.

one week in Porec/Croatia (family vacation) .. first family vacation since ages, but I’m promising this one for such a long time, so this year I can’t say no again. looks like we gonna go for a one-week-sun-sea-relax-trip in the hotel we stayed very often in former times (in the meantime it became a 4*+ hotel and I can’t wait to see and enjoy it. for sure will take my camera with me!)

two days in Italy (weekend with friends) .. promised this one to my friends, so we may go for a short weekend at the italian coast, just heading to Grado, Lignano or somewhere else reachable within 2 or 3 hours drive.

– optional: already got asked for a trip with friends in september, goin somewhere in Austria and enjoy the time. no clear info so far, .. but I’m interested, so I may take part if they go for it. later on I will be visit Rome for the first time – which will be in autumn, as Daniel and Bianca are goin on student exchange for the winter semester. we want to visit them there for some days, but that’s long time to go.

until next time .. have a good one!