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in the summertime

Lately I missed posting a lot here. Had no motivation and not much time. Work kept me on my toes during the last weeks. Right now I normally have around 6-8 students, always depends on little fluctuations when I have students just for some basics and get to give just 6 to 12 lessons and don’t have to bring them to the exam. Last month then also was a good one in terms of money 🙂 the best one so far since I started to work as a driving instructor beside my study.

Study is terrible at the moment, not much motivation for this … to be honest I’m a bit stagnant and have to learn more the next weeks, which shouldn’t be that easy, .. especially when facing a pretty nice summer and damn hot temperatures outside! Just took out my shorts and bought some new shirts yesterday when I had a day shopping in the city (maybe was a bit too much as my feet really hurt this morning 😀 haha .. running around from 8AM until 6PM)

Was in cinema four times in five weeks which is really much for me, cause I had some months without cinema before. Maybe it was because of missing movies I wanted to see, but I think it was more matter of finding people to go with. Now I always took a break from my daily grind and tried to watch some movies. So I went to see “Monsters vs. Aliens” and “Fast and Furious” with Tini, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” with Kerstin and “Angels and Demons” (Illuminati) with Kerstin, Martin and Konni. Most of it was fun and ok, good start into a summer full of movies, .. more to come soon! Should watch “Star Trek” with Tini on wednesday and want to see “Ice Age 3”, “Transformers 2”, “Terminator Salvation”, “Public Enemies” and some others later on.

Summertime = Funtime

Beside few time for my camera at the moment and beside I had to stay many hours at home and at university due to the load of papers to write and stuff to learn, I didn’t have much time to go out or enjoy nature. Summer came over the country, the lake is calling and same does parks and sunshine outside, but so far no time … I hate this situation cause I love summer. Anyways I try to enjoy every free moment when I have time for a walk or meet with friends outside. For the leisure time inside I just bought a Playstation 2 with a Singstar bundle and some more Singstar games to have enough for upcoming game evenings. First of these evenings just took place last friday, when I invited five colleagues from university to come over and have fun. Bianca, Stefan and Elma showed up in time at 6PM, but unfortunately Daniel missed the whole evening as he was in Vienna that day and went home really late .. so he arrived some minutes after midnight. We then played on until 2AM and I went to bed around 3AM or so .. can’t remember exactly. Just know I got up the next morning at 7AM, so I just had 4 hours of sleep .. which may have influenced my shopping trip I mentioned above 😉

The evening was much fun, .. I made lasagne for us and everyone enjoyed the meal (took my favorite recipe from Jamie Oliver once again, .. just awesome stuff). Singstar really rocks and we sang a lot the whole evening, .. even when Elma had to leave earlier and Denise wasn’t able to come due to some time problems. Myself was a bit hoarse afterwards 😀 … Pictures to follow soon!

What else to tell ya? Oh, maybe too much and nothing interesting, so I gonna stop it now and resume with another entry these days. 🙂