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social networking

Time for another update on my blog. Holidays over, university started again last monday and the week was quite hard. Had a lot of stress due to some classes to visit and enough driving lessons with my students. Even today I had university until afternoon and so my weekend just started some hours ago .. not the best conditions at the moment .. I can’t relax a lot and would be happy about a week doin nothing and just fly somewhere and take one week off. Anyways, it’s just dreaming and wishing .. no way right now.

We were in the studio once again this week, .. second time recording there and this time we had to record something for the radio. We decided on a report (which got a funny touch cause of the topic and how we did it) and we did quite well. Today we presented it in the class and got a lot of positive feedback. Should be another good mark for that class which is now finished.

In driving school I still have 6 students, .. finished with two last thursday (successful practical exam), had another two who just had to do the basics lessons and now do self-education with their parents and unfortunately had to give one student to a colleague as I’m full with the others and won’t have for any more work beside university. Now when it goes into the exam phase for me too, .. as most of the university exams are in May and June, I have to focus on them!

Social Networking .. a crucial thing?

Today I read an article on social networking. We do a lot of research and work about this topic at university too. The article said that all these networks are giving "new “worlds” to a lot of people. Origins and roots get forgotten (something Tanya Nagar also stated out on deviantart some weeks ago) and masses get more and more interested in other things. The point is, that we all get new interests and places to be around .. this also counts for the internet and I see it when I look at myself. Some years ago I started with photography and had my first experience with a network or better said plattform to present my work. This was when I registered at deviantart. At the moment I don’t really use it anymore .. just look there from time to time, no posting and uploading. The last years I focused on my blog and stopped presenting in open communities. The only places where I upload my pics too are flickr and studivz. (but I don’t use flickr so often, don’t like it so much). In terms of social networking I registered to studivz some two years ago I think. I always said “never go to facebook and become a part of this “mass surveillance” system, which we call “Gläserner Mensch” in german. Everything is visible, everything is open to the public … the slogan “big brother is watching you” (G. Orwell) has become truth and is always present. Anyways I couldn’t resist very long and became a member of facebook too (which was some two months ago). Twitter, another “wonderful” tool of modern networking, got introduced to me by Markus in November 2008 and I started to twitter too. At the moment I don’t twitter so often … I don’t like it anymore .. and to be honest again, it gets more and more boring .. and why should I report everything I do in the internet? I saw people updating every hour or reporting on every duty from eating, to writing, goin out and so on .. life became public .. and I want to avoid that for myself. The same counts for several others services like, .. does everyone wants to know what I listen too? I could go on with this list and give another dozens of examples, but it’s not necessary I think. Social networking is a great thing, .. it’s nice to stay in contact with people, especially with the ones you don’t see every day or just know from the net, .. but it could be a difficult thing in future too. I will be a part of the networks furthermore but I won’t post a lot on twitter and don’t think my activities on deviantart will get better again. Thanks again also to Tanya for her interesting words and thoughts about the topic!

happy holidays

So far my holidays went pretty good – but that’s only in terms of work and upcoming 1st of May when it comes to the money 😀 … the only moments I really had to relax, were the days around easter .. when I had a weekend enjoying every single second .. also goin for a walk at the lake with family and play some poker with friends.

During the last 1 1/2 weeks of holidays from university, I’ve never seen the city at daylight, walking along the stores or goin for a photo walk. Just drove through streets when giving lectures to my students. I had to teach a course outside of Klagenfurt, in Köttmannsdorf, 10 people participating .. 8 girls and 2 guys – all quite ok and nice, so it was fun. Most of them also make the practical part with me – so at the moment I have 11 students for driving. In total that means I will loose two students today if they pass there practical exam this morning and another two by tomorrow as they are finished with education at driving school and take the rest with a private teacher (§122 self education system). So the remaining 7 should give the upcoming weeks enough work beside university.

By the way university .. that’s resting a bit at the moment, .. should do a lot .. and have a lot more waiting the next months, but to be honest I don’t have a clue how to manage. I’m a bit scared about all the exams, presentations and works I should learn and prepare for .. cause I don’t have much time right now. Hopefully my students get to learn fast and take their driving license as soon as possible, so I could take a break in late May or early June, .. anything else would mean problems!

Some two weeks ago (at the start of the holidays) I had a pretty interesting day at a recording studio with Daniel, Bianca, Denise, Stefan and Max .. some friends and colleagues from university. We had to record something for radio – a class about radio editing, how to produce and so on. We decided to record a modern tale called “Princess Leather Skirt” 😀 .. just crazy. Had a lot of fun there, as it was a professional studio where Daniel normally works from time to time. I really loved it .. to be honest, I would wish to record a song there once .. that would be great! We soon gonna have the chance for, as we need to record another project the next weeks .. so I keep you in the thing:

… any proposals which song I should take? (just thought about some old boygroup songs and other stuff in my pitch of the voice, and some stuff I’m easy in)

Robbie Williams: “Feel” or “Angels”
Sunrise Avenue: “Fairytale gone bad”
Rainhard Fendrich: “Haben sie Wien schon bei Nacht gesehen” or “I am from Austria”
Madonna: “Don’t tell me” or “Secret”
NSync: Bye, bye, bye
Backstreet Boys: “Quit playing games with my heart” or “As long as you love me”
… just some ideas so far.

On that day in the studio I made many photos with the 30D I had with me, using the 35mm/2.0 as well. So here are some pics from our funny day.