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Today just some random shots from the last four weeks.

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Those shots were taken some three weeks ago, when Karin & Stefan visited us and we headed to the city to have some coffee and talk on a sunday afternoon.

004sw 001sw

Both shots taken last weekend, when I had some friends at my place. There are more photos, but nothing too show in the blog … don’t like them much.

I’m goin to have some driving lessons in the afternoon as a student needs some more practice before his driving test. Gonna take the Audi A3 once again. Maybe I’ll do some photos afterwards at the driving school or with the car. Weather looks nice too, maybe also heading to the lake for a short walk. We’ll see, .. gonna post shots if I get some!

waiting for spring

At the moment I’m not very creative in terms of writing a new blog entry. The past weeks were more or less nothing special. After we came back from Vienna the rest of the holidays was a mix of boring stuff, hanging around, doing nothing and going crazy cause of some stuff in my life. So to be honest I would like to change several things but sometimes it’s not possible to do so.

Last entry was about one month ago, .. I don’t really remember in detail what happened since that one. University started again, .. joined 16 classes and actually run crazy when I think of that huge number .. never did so many courses in one semester I think (or better said not in my actual study). So far it’s running good, .. but I don’t think it’s the best decision I’ve done .. cause it’s the summer semester and I know myself when it comes to spring and summer 😉

My grands had their golden wedding some three weeks ago, .. myself took some pictures too, but main photography part was delegated to Markus who did a good job on it. So I won’t show anything from this here, nothing interesting I think. Beside I invited Daniel and Bianca for dinner after our Vienna trip, just to sum up and have a relaxed evening with some mexican food (made by me) and playing card games afterwards (again no pictures, just made some while I prepared the meal). I was invited to two or three rounds of poker with friends, most of the time at Chris’ place where we tend to meet up. I was at my favorite card room twice, but no big stories to tell, was loosing all the time. I went shopping twice the last two weeks – once even drove to Villach and visited the Atrio (biggest shopping center in the south of Austria), got some pullover and shirts and had a nice day there. The next day (which was last sunday) I had some friends at my place, playing poker again .. funny afternoon. Maybe gonna post some photos from this one later on .. just took a few, again more or less snapshots. Went to the pub quiz at the Claddagh (irish pub in town) with Kerstin, Georg and Markus last thursday, .. and later one visited the location again this tuesday when St. Patricks Day was celebrated together with 3-year anniversary of the Claddagh.

So rest of the week, beside some lecture I gonna have whole friday and saturday, I have a student goin to the practical driving exam today, .. hope she gonna pass 🙂 .. and another two students with lessons in the evening. Same thing was yesterday, when I had another four lessons .. good week in terms of money I would say … many driving lessons mean more money at the end of the month 😉 Best thing this week: One my colleagues is ill, so I got some students from him and also the car he normally uses. So the last two days I drove around with an Audi A3 Sportback .. really nice car .. wanna have it 😉 haha.

Ok, enough now .. I’m bored .. think you too after reading all this stuff above. Last but not least … I joined facebook some week ago .. have a look if you wanna add me .. just ask!