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2009 already close ….

… lets try to find some words about the last days of 2008.

Monday started with course in the morning, had some hours of talking about crossroads and railways crossings. All in all not the easy stuff most students want to learn, but a very important point for the theoretical exam – so I had to teach it quite intensive. Think they got it, questions were answered good. Afterwards I met Thomas, Dani and Martin around 3PM (did some car wash before as my car was full of dirt after driving lessons from the snowy weekend). We went to our favorite coffee bar called Robert’s and had some talk and coffee there. Wasn’t that long stay as we normally tend to have there, .. just a bit longer than an hour. Jumped into my ride, brought Thomas and Dani back home, as they had to carry some bags after shopping – and drove to the driving school to pick up some material for a new student I got yesterday.

After this I called Tini to fix our meeting, we already planned in the early afternoon. We managed to meet at Mimi’s which is a japanese restaurant where we often come together, especially when it comes to celebrate birthday parties. We didn’t had such a meeting with lots of talk for a long time .. we both really enjoyed it. So we had some asian food and after all the talking we left the place around 8.30PM. Went to get some goods to fill her fridge and drove her home – afterwards went home too and had a relaxed evening with watching TV, some chatting on skype and icq and got tired really quick – wanted to watch a new episode of Las Vegas around 11.20PM and fell asleep before it started, .. can’t remember that I switched off the TV from bed 😀

Today then, early wake again – went to my car around 7.10AM and got a big problem as it didn’t want to start. Tried it several times, but nothing happened. Now I was in a hurry. Grandpa came down to the garage, we towed my car with his one and so we went to the repair – exchanged keys, so I could drive down to Ludmannsdorf to hold my course as every day. Arrived there just 10 minutes late, already had imformed my students about trouble with my car. Later on, around 10AM I got my ride back – everything fine again – they had to repair something with the relay of the fuel feed pipe – I don’t know exaclty. Anyways – we changed cars again, I went on with course and had another driving lesson after this – nothing to report on this one – had a good day with my job.

So when I came home I fixed cinema for the evening, as we wanted to see Madagascar 2 during the holidays. Was picked up by Daniel and Bianca at 5.30PM and went to the cinema to buy the tickets. Changed location for some dinner – which we took at the nearby chinese restaurant. Had some chicken and vegetables, also a spring roll which is obligatory to me when eating at an asian restaurant 😀 Went back to cinema and enjoyed the funny movie, liked it a lot. Now sitting here, getting tired and soon will go to bed. Tomorrow once again course at 8AM, no lessons afterwards – will be at home for new year’s eve, just celebrating with family this year – maybe having a game evening or something like that – we’ll see.

Maybe I’ll make another post tomorrow, more likely this will happen on 1st of January 2009 – then I will be back with a little review on 2008 and some thoughts and ideas for 2009 – different stuff all the way, just things I want to tell you.

gossip, sunday and some poker

Some gossip cruisin through the web, so I need to explain some things.

Gossip & Sunday

First of all, yes, I might participate in the BarCamp Klagenfurt in february 2009. Still not clear what I might present there, just interested in listening and learning, meeting people – don’t think I have that input you need to have for a BarCamp – but anyways, as it’s the 2nd BC here and it’s again located at my university, I might go there. If you’re interested, here’s the link:

2nd gossip I heard was about photography and again “yes”, I will do much more photography in 2009 again. 2008 wasn’t a photographic year for me, my cam rested a lot and my skills might have suffered a bit 😉 [oh what skills, hm haha :D] but who cares, I’ll be back with new stuff and hopefully it will be good enough to show 😉

3rd gossip was that I might take a break from playing poker. This time, it’s true in parts, but only in parts. I may play less poker during the next days, 1st cause I don’t have so much time, 2nd I want to do other things and 3rd I just have lost fun after some strange days online and with home game last friday – so I think my play might be influenced by those bad beats happened. I’ll be back with a big tourney I play on 10th of January. Got invited to play a free 1000 euro tourney at JPS card room, as I qualified trough bonus points I got for playing cash game. There will be two qualifying days on friday and saturday, I’m scheduled for day two – and afterwards when I may be successful, there’s the final on sunday evening.

Today was just boring again. First I had another 3 hours of driving education, which was fun – my student (a nice girl, already very good at driving) did well and we even tried some advanced stuff .. think she liked it too. Afterwards went home for lunch – afternoon just being at home, not clear if we might get guests – in the end nothing happened. Wanted to go for some pool or snooker, but no one was interested or had time. Tomorrow, after my theoretical course in the morning (until noon), I will meet Thomas and Dani for some coffee in our favorite cafe bar, .. looking forward to see them – long time since last meeting. 🙂


To stay with poker, or better said to close this entry like I began it .. here are the photos from friday, nothing special – no editing done, just directly from the cam – I’m too lazy when it goes on “snapshots” 😉

the essentials 😉




sickest hand of the day (in my opinion)


the brave fighter .. but maybe just a lucky donk


my shrinking stack *doh*



the chipleader .. just a “one-hit-wonder”



the semi-pro-magician
(no joke, but this time it was just poker)



card guard and some new wsop cards




Enough now of poker. Just boring, those photos are really nothing interesting to most of you I think. Next time, winter landscapes! I promise 🙂

boring day & some thoughts

A totally boring day behind me. Now sitting in front of the screen, just bloggin’ to make something senseful. Started the day with some driving lessons given from 9AM to 12.20PM, nothing special .. both girls did well on the street and during the training we did on the practice court. Came home some 20 minutes later and had lunch with family, as my aunt had her birthday today we all were invited at my grandparents’ flat. Had some talk afterwards and changed location around mid-afternoon. So the rest of the day mostly was spent infront of the computer, doin’ nothing .. just stupid sitting around and getting bored of christmas holidays. Feeling a bit lonely and without love … maybe a result of talking to so many people being happy these days, having someone to love, a relationship or something similar. 😦

Yesterday’s poker afternoon was boring too – not very interesting and to be honest not very funny. Some of the guys just made stupid jokes and played like idiots – not my imagination of a homegame with friends. Don’t think it was the way I wanted to spend my friday afternoon .. maybe better had met some friends in the city, specially the ones I see rather seldom cause they normally are in Vienna or somewhere else. So for the moment no photos from poker .. don’t have motivation to upload them now. I’m tired, not feeling so good today, .. bit sick – and need some sleep … giving driving lessons tomorrow morning again.

christmas eve and the day after

First of all “Happy Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten, Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel, Kurisumasu Omedeto” to all of you reading my blog. I hope your christmas was nice and maybe you celebrated and stayed together with family like I did. For me christmas is always a moment for family and friends. Maybe that’s not so common for everyone, but most of the people I know tend to do it the same way.

But let’s begin with my week so far – how it started and what happened. Maybe you noticed my latest entry, where I wrote some lines on my job as driving instructor, which I now do beside my study. It’s good money and an easy work when you ask me – ok you need good nerves and have big responsibility – but it’s a job that fulfills you when being successful. The first two days were a bit stressy – had to give my first 8 hours of theoretical course (4 each day) and already had 5 hours of driving education with the three girls I instruct at the moment. Saturday and sunday I will have 3 double units of driving (three times 2×50 minutes) before the course continues on monday. Got informed that there will be a new guy joining the course then, so I have a new student for driving too – that also means more money at the end of the month haha .. yeah 🙂

So after two days I was very tired of (first day was quite hard, not so easy to start – second day was great, .. my students did a good job – drove really great and I had fun too) finally 24th of december arrived and christmas eve came to my place. During the day I went to the cemetery to lit some candles with family and had a quick stop in the city doin’ the last shopping for food and drinks for the next days. When coming home I did a big part of the computer installing which was missing so far – which means I installed several programs, games and copied most of my data from the old machine to my new terabyte harddisk.

In the evening family came together in the living room and celebrated christmas with traditional tree, gifts, sing some songs and empty a bottle of sparkling wine. Same procedure as every year 😀 .. everyone was happy and got some nice presents.

christmas tree with most of the gifts

xmas02our traditional crib from south tyrol

christmas cookies made by my mum

So after all that celebration, unwrapping of gifts and thank each other, we had a chocolate fondue – accompanied by another bottle of sparkling wine.

it was really tasty 🙂

We had dark chocolate and lots of fruit, like strawberries, bananas, kiwi, white grapes and figs. My grandparents never did it before but they really liked it. In the end we were full and also got tired of the long day and those bottles of alcohol we drank a bit too fast :D. I wanted to finished some copying of data then, but I felt asleep in front of my screen several times, so I pushed the button and shut down the computer, went to bed around 11PM and slept until 9.30AM this morning.

my new computer

By the way, above a little picture from my new computer. Bought it from the money I got before christmas, .. therefore I would say it’s a gift I made to myself. Thanks again to Daniel for assembling it. Today I finished data transfer from the old one and all other works which needed to be done. My “little monster” is running quite great, quiet and fast. Will do a lot of testing during the holidays .. gaming, writing some papers for university, playing online poker, etc. 🙂

Tomorrow afternoon I have some guests coming to my residence. My friends from Villach will come to town and we gonna play some poker. Looking forward to some nice hours full of funny moments and trash talk 😀 .. already missed that for quite some time – some of them study in another city so we can’t come together that often now. I hope there will be some photos for the blog too, .. for sure will take a few 😉

being stressed and tired

today I started my job as a driving instructor. early morning – fog outside – it was cold – dark and nasty – had to drive 20 km to the place where I gave my first lesson as “teacher”, theory first – afterwards already made two hours of driving with two girls from that theory unit. so far it went good, .. had a bad start on the driving part as the area wasn’t the best for first lessons on driving but no problem – think they liked it and I did a good job 🙂 … but that’s something others should judge.

in total I was a bit stressed, .. first some 200 minutes of theory, after this around 100 minutes of driving … then I went home – took a quick stop at the driving school to give some report and get new information – went to university to pick up some materials a professor left for me and a colleague and finally came home around 2.30PM. was tired, stressed and hungry .. ate a pizza with vegetables and some cheese on it (tasty) and took a little nap before I started to set up some software to my new computer which Daniel assembled yesterday. yes, it’s already running and it’s great … love it 🙂 will make a photo tomorrow. more on this one and all what happened so far also tomorrow! for now I gonna call it a day and go to bed – need some good sleep to relax for the lessons tomorrow.

saturday before christmas

Went for shopping with Lisa today. She wanted to get a flash for her camera, so I accepted to help searching – and luckily we soon found a nice little toy. Got a used Sigma EF-500 DG ST flash for her – in good shape, tested it in the store and so this task was done. We went on for some shopping, already had a hot chocolate for breakfast on our way to the photo store, … and around noon we said “bye” and wished some pleasant christmas days to each other. I went home and prepared some stuff for my first teaching lesson on monday .. already a bit nervous and thinking about how it will be etc. 🙂

Now I’m sitting here, waiting and watching the clock – need to dress up in some minutes – goin to a concert and I’m invited for the christmas party afterwards, which isn’t an interesting party. Just sitting around with mostly older people – choir singers and family members of them, … eat, talk, drink, talk, listen, getting bored … goin home 😉 .. between I should get my annual charge for all the press and photo work I do for the choir – so the (maybe boring) evening has a nice bonus.

So I think, will be home around 11/12PM …. gonna edit/finish this entry then – .. see you later 🙂

Update: 0.33AM .. got home one hour ago, being a bit pissed on – those guys broke our agreement we fixed in january 2007. I don’t care about the missing money (just got payed half the amount we expressed in the contract) but it goes about the performing: a contract is a contract and has to be fulfilled! so that’s reason enough to end my work for them, .. won’t do anymore for that guys! neither website work, nor photos for newspapers … in future get your stuff managed by yourself! I already thought about this step, as the communication wasn’t that good during the last months. ok no problem .. more time for other stuff. 🙂

Now I’ll go and watch some NHL hockey game .. maybe Sabres vs. Canadiens. Already feeling a bit tired, but just got some thoughts about watching a game before goin to bed. This morning I gonna make a short trip to the place where I will give my theoretical lessons during the holidays – later in the afternoon Daniel will come over and assemble my new computer, maybe I’ll be back online with my new machine tomorrow evening – … but at the moment it looks like I will still use the old one for some days and switch the screen, cause I have to save data and set up all programms before I can run it without problems 🙂

let’s get the party started

Finally holidays now – done with university for 2008, christmas holidays started yesterday. Had a pretty nice week, nothing difficult at university .. just finished my paper on monday – three days before I had to send it in, .. worked perfectly I would say. So rest of the week was kinda relaxed, even went to cinema on tuesday evening (James Bond – Quantum of Solace, not worth the money if you ask .. maybe one of the worst Bond movies so far) and went for the missing christmas gifts.

Today then was a bit stressy as I had to manage several things in time. First I went to the hairdresser in the morning and afterwards I had a “date” at the driving school. The “date” was with my contract I signed there around 11AM 🙂 .. now I’m officially working for the Schein-Welt driving school. After I signed, best news followed: Will start my first theoretical course on Monday. It’s a holiday-course for students from the country – so it’s held in a village some 20km from the city; will go there for 8 times, always 4 hours of teaching theory – so this one will be finished on 5th of January (as you see, some breaks between the christmas days and weekends). Also will start the driving lessons with the students I teach there, so I gonna keep you up to date how I start into my new job beside my study … hopefully I’ll have to tell you just positive stuff 😉

In the afternoon, after everything was signed and I was told what is waiting for me now, I went to some computer shops here in Klagenfurt to buy the hardware for my new computer. Too bad, after checking storage status yesterday, both stores I had chosen, weren’t able to sell me the whole package. They were running out of some parts over night and morning (bad timing just before christmas) so I just got the case at one place and when i went to the other shop to buy the inside stuff, I didn’t get a processor and grafic card. So I had to call Daniel (who will also assemble everything together on monday afternoon) to have a look in Villach, if they have the two missing parts there. In the end I was lucky as one store still had both and so Daniel went to buy them – will bring them with him on monday. So hardware shopping i complete .. my new computer will have this configuration: Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz, 4GB Ram, Asus P5Q Mainboard, Sapphire Radeon HD4850 512mb, Seagate Barracude 1TB HDD .. and so on – think this machine will bring my photo ambitions back to life, .. finally will run photoshop cs3 on my computer, .. so far just was able to use it on my laptop, which I did really seldom.

So christmas could come, I’m happy .. looks like holidays will be great. Will be back with a new entry on the weekend. For now, I’m already very tired and just noticed it got saturday during i wrote this entry. So have a good night!

done for the weekend

Just a short entry for the moment, I’m really tired today. Friday was characterized by some shopping for christmas, which I did alone – now just missing one present for my grandma, then I should have everything for the 24th of December 🙂

Later in the afternoon I went for buying food and other goods with my Mum. In the evening I went to university and played the poker tourney there. Finally made it to 4th place out of some 46 players I think. Was ok, as five players were payed (so once again getting chips from Casinos Austria, .. think I need to drive to Velden soon and change them into real money – or play a little bit there) and had a nice evening there. It was played more like a “turbo game” this time, as levels were short and everyone wanted to visit the university party afterwards. Btw, I got an ace poker on the final table, when two people were “all in” i found two aces in my hand and within one second I called them 🙂 .. and got the two other aces on the flop so I made quads 😀 nice one! Came home at approx. 3.30AM and felt into my bed.

Next thing was saturday, x-mas shopping with my Mum as she needed a driver and wanted to visit some shops. We started around 10AM and came home at 5PM, .. so I was totally tired after all – we didn’t even make it to get all stuff we wanted. Too much stress, less time .. I need to load my batteries. Had a long evening infront of my computer und TV, called it a night at 1PM. Had a good sleep this time, after a short night from friday to saturday.

This morning I wasn’t that happy as my Mum wasn’t feeling good. Called for the doc (her ex-husband, of course good friend of mine too) to check what’s goin on, .. she’s feeling sick, maybe getting a flu and having too high blood pressure .. too much work during the last weeks – now she needs some days of relaxing at home the doc said, so she won’t go to work tomorrow and should be away sick for some days. As a matter of this all i made the household today, cooked mexican food (that was scheduled before) and did a lot of things for university. Now the clock says 0.02AM, already turned monday and I should go to bed .. tomorrow then two classes (one will be an excursion to Krone newspaper) and some paper to finish. Gonna be back with a new entry and some pics I already promised you for long. For now, good night 🙂

too much to report …

… or “I love it when a plan comes together.” (quote: Hannibal S. from the A-Team)

Hi folks!

So it’s thursday and I’m totally happy, relaxed, pleased with everything … yes I’m fine cause yesterday was a great day! so many things happened, so much to tell you. Warning! The following report might contain strong language, too long content and massive use of words that emphasize my current mood! 😀

finally – call me a drill sergeant driving instructor

Let’s start with yesterday morning. I had my driving instructor exam at 9.30AM and so I drove to the city around 9. Parked in a nearby garage and walked straight to my exam. First there was an oral part, three questions on what we call in german “Fahren auf Sicht/Halbe Sicht” (driving on view/half view), “types of driving education in austria” (L17, normal, dual system) and last but not least “alcohol – restrictions and penalties in austria”. This was no problem for me, everything ok, so I went on to a written part – write a short text about “Aquaplaning – and how to behave when it happens”. I wrote about 1 3/4 pages in approx. 20 minutes (had one hour but it’s a short topic and I had everything finished soon). Once again to the office of the oral exam guy, answering two questions about my text – everything ok once again – first part passed 🙂 “now go to the tecnical part and hand this protocol to my colleague, he’ll do the rest” .. ok here I was, took my ride, drove to the other building some two miles away – parked again and went to the guy for the part about light, motor, brakes etc.

There I met with two colleagues I knew from my preparation course two months ago. They were waiting for the technical part too. So after some minutes waiting I went into the office of that guy, was confronted with some questions on the car and how it works, what is important there – like I said stuff like brakes, light, how to behave when you drive into a tunnel, how to use winter-tyres and so on. Again after some 10 minutes, everything was done – I was fine. Last part now was the driving test – nothing special, just formal for everyone I think – after more than 8 years of driving 🙂 .. so we jumped into my car, drove around the nearby streets (also had to explain some signs and rules during this one) – which took about 10 minutes I think and headed back to the technic-center where that examiner said “ok, thanks – you’re done – congratulation” and left my car. So this was it … now I’m a driving instructor and will learn others how to drive … yeah 🙂 .. great job beside my study for the moment, and maybe later on a good full-time job when I might not find a job right after my study. So if you come from Klagenfurt or nearby and want to make your driving licence for cars (Klasse B in austria) you can contact me – will work for driving school “Schein-Welt” here in Klagenfurt. (just have a look on google, you will find it – won’t do too much advertising here :D)

University, evening events and some poker

Now enough of driving stuff, let’s come to the rest of my great day. After all I went home, had lunch and then headed to university to first meet up with friends who already waited for me to arrive. Congratulations everywhere – thx again!! – and afterwards I had some boring class I didn’t follow that much. Instead I used my notebook and browsed the internet, wrote some messages, checked mails etc. – just what you do when you’re not interested in what is teached in front of you 😀

Went home, refreshed a little bit and again drove to the university to visit Inept (english theater made by students) Christmas Show, which normally is really funny every year. Met there with Markus who took a load of photos (maybe gonna link his gallery on my next entry). To be honest, yesterday was the most terrible show I’ve seen so far – good jokes missing, too much spanish parts (also a spanish theater group took part) that most in the audience weren’t able to understand (even me with my basic spanish knowledge had some problems). The english parts had many jokes similar to Monty Python (like the dead parrot or silly walks sketches) but in total I wasn’t laughing very much. After this I went to the city and checked in for some poker at JPS card room. When I arrived cash game already was running, table was full – no place – had to wait about 2 hours to get a seat. To make it short, had a good evening – just played some 1 1/2 hours but went out with a doubled up stack what means from 100 to 215 bucks – so I was fine. Came home around 1.30AM and felt asleep very fast – but my sleep wasn’t good .. woke up at 4.30AM and just had some sort of doze for two hours, therefore I’m a bit knocked out now 😀 just missing some hours of good sleep, which I might recover tonight or during weekend.

New toys and what goes on the next days

To remain with poker I have to tell you about some new toys. Bought a new poker case with 500 chips on ebay. Already bought the last one at the same shop there and now I needed some chips with smaller values like 5, 10, 25 and 50 – just had bigger values so far like some 25 (I bought in Vienna and added by myself), 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000. So now we can play with a lot more people as I have some 1200 chips in total (all together fours cases now in the house, but one has chips without values – I will sell this one soon). I wanted to make a photo but no time for unpacking so far (had to learn too much) so I will bring it on the next entry too. Beside I got a nice little gift from my good friend Daniel, who gave me a card-shuffle-machine as a christmas gift. 🙂

I need a new computer and so I already did some research with Daniel (who will help me to set up the hardware) on what I will buy and what it might cost. So far I decided for an Intel Pentium again (nothing I want instead haha), gonna take a Dual Core with 3GHz, 4GB ram, 1 Terabyte HDD, a Radeon 4850 graphic card (maybe a cheaper one, maybe don’t need that “monster” as I don’t play many games) and some other stuff of course. So this will be my own present too me for christmas. Think i will buy it next week so I gonna have some fun during holidays 😉 🙂

Tomorrow I will play the ÖH Poker Tournament at university once again. Starts at 7PM and I expect the normal duration until 2 or 3 AM 😉 so having a long evening. Before I need to make some shopping in the city, to buy some gifts for christmas which I haven’t got so far. Maybe also a good training to run around and leave some “christmas cookie calories” on my way 😀 .. saturday shopping again, sunday writing some paper for university and relaxing – afterwards starting to get into christmas mood and looking forward to holidays starting on 18th of December. So then, .. until next time! Wish you all the best 🙂

Yes I can

My slogan for tomorrow: Yes, we I can !!!
… pass that exam and afterwards I’ll try to become a great driving instructor for all the learners I gonna get 🙂

Wish me luck and I promise you a big entry tomorrow afternoon or evening … depends on time I will have between exam, university and evening events.

So far i can tell you about some news from the poker front (some new stuff arrived), news from my computer plans (already have a set up for my new machine) and some christmas and photo stuff. By the way: Next friday I will take some photos at our university poker tournament, so there should be a lot of photos available soon 🙂 Until tomorrow .. have a nice evening!