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qualified once again

hi folks!

Today I qualified for the austrian final of the “World Cup of Poker” on PokerStars. To be honest it really surprised me to qualify for this one, anyways the tournament wasn’t that ‘high quality’ thing I thought it might be. Many players just making silly moves and in my opinion not having any clue of tournament play or poker in general – but who cares – I’m qualified and now gonna play tomorrow’s final at 2PM, together with 17 other participants. So it will be a two-table tourney, looks like a hard fight – two players advance to “Team Austria”, to represent the colors of our country at the WCP during the next weeks and maybe if winning it’s division, the team advances to the final event which is held at the Bahamas. A live tourney at the Bahamas in early january – get a nice holiday and leave winter at home, .. that would be great and really a dream – but hey, long way there – first I have to make top 2 tomorrow and then the austrian team needs to win european division II which isn’t easy too. I keep you informed!

little note beside: sick story on this one >> was invited for lunch at my uncle’s place as he celebrated birthday. my aunt cooked for us and I knew we’ll be back home around 3PM. the tourney started 2PM, so I registered before leaving for lunch ’bout noon – and when I returned home at 3.10PM I was already down on a chip count of 680 of 1500 starting chips – but no problem, as you see I reached the final .. in the end I had 50000 chips on my side 😀 .. so next time playing a big tourney I should think about missing the first hour 😀

once again .. photos next time 😀 😉 😀

feelin’ good

one week full of university and other stuff behind me. last five days were mostly dominated by courses at university – starting with spanish on monday morning and finishing yesterday afternoon with “psychology of communication”. between those I stayed at home on tuesday, wasn’t in a good mood and ignored my morning lessons that day – but nothing I missed, no problem. wednesday started with a cancelled course, which we weren’t informed about in time (just stupid, in times of e-mail a short message should be possible) and therefore sat around for some 3 hours, doin’ not really much – so instead of learning, after 2 of that 3 hours – we decided to jump into my car and drive to some friend of us. she offered to come over and cook together, so we four (daniel, bianca, alessandro and me) went there and stayed for some hour. afterwards back to university, two boring hours of senseless entertainment (instead most of the audience was playing games or used internet on their notebooks haha). thursday as said, that one was ok then – maybe best day of the week when I think of university. so hopefully next week will be more fun and interesting 🙂


christmas .. 4 weeks to go

4, 3, 2, … 1, … go. Countdown started – christmas is quite close and everyone gets busy, running around, lots of shopping, makin’ some cookies, decorating all around, visit christmas markets, drink some mulled wine, … and a lot more. so this is the so called “quiet and peaceful time”, when everyone gets busy? I like that weeks and time of the year, it’s interesting and I also like to celebrate christmas, have christmas holidays and relax a bit. that’s the opposite of my “winter antipathy”, which might be a thing of temperature, less sun, lots of snow etc. – not that I don’t like winter landscapes, but in general winter has too many disavantages for me. today I visited the City Arkaden, biggest shopping center in town, to have a look on books and similar stuff – already thinking about gifts for family and friends. my own present this year will be new computer (need to get that old baby outta here, it’s way too slow and I need more power haha) and a few things beside – we’ll see. so I’m doing myself a big favor, by assambling a new machine in december to have a good start into the new year 😉

during the next weeks I will visit the christmas market with friends, have a drink or two 😉 .. visit shops (i love shopping), visit the show of some austrian comedian next wednesday, one week later have my big driving instructor exam the whole day (actually learning tons of books and sheets) and afterwards enjoying english theatre at university in the evening that day, … and then starting into my holidays on 18th of december!


baby, i love poker

went for some pool billard and poker with a friend yesterday. first we had two relaxed hours of pool and then changed location, next to the billard hall is our favorite cardroom – so it was just a few steps outside and minutes later we sat at the poker table. to cut a long story short, we played cashgame texas hold’em and I started with a stack of 100. after some 2 1/2 hours I went home and got payed 250 at the cash desk .. so it was a very nice and profitable evening for me 🙂 wont talk about hands now, would be to much (just let you know I had full house with aces and jacks early and later on bluffed in a big pot with queens on my hand, when an ace and a king were on the board – some loose player mucked a weak ace, so I was lucky haha). now I gonna make a break from poker for the next two weeks, in terms of learning and needing power for my exam.

Next time photos for sure!!! Wanted to put some pics in here this time too, but have no own material and didn’t want to use stuff from the net.

normal weekend

Nothing special from the last three days. Started with friday, first some shopping in the morning (also had to drive my grandma to the doc), visited the local market for biological food to get some delicious cheese, later on bought a nice black jacket (quicksilver) and went home. In the afternoon shopping again, this time I was asked to be the “taxi-driver” for my mum. After this I had a relaxed day, just some more learning for my driving-instructor exam (12th dec.) and then headed to university for the university poker tournament. Met with a good friend for a coffee before and had some talk ’bout the last weeks as we didn’t see each other during summer. Went to the class room where the tourney took place, got my table and seat number and started play. Next to me was Stefan, another good friend of mine. Table was quite tight, so it was a bit boring. After the first break I got some nice hands and improved my stack – but afterwards I just had a few hands to do some moves, wasn’t the best day and to be honest it was a bit boring too. Tourney lasted way too long again, too many breaks – too many players walking around instead of sitting at the table, not the best thing in my opinion. In the end I became 11th, not worth mentioning any special hands – last hand was a terrible move on the flop, my brain had a big break in that moment :D. One of my poker bro’s became 2nd, which was great as it was his first live tourney. Left the building at 3.30AM and drove home and quickly felt asleep.


Next morning, early wake-up – had to go to the city again – some stuff to do there. Rest of the day was learning, some practical stuff with my car, watching tv and some NHL games on internet stream and goin to bed very early as I was damn tired from the night before. Sunday I slept until 9.30AM and had a relaxed day at home, doin some papers for university – like a newspaper article and stuff for the spanish course – played some online poker tournament and finished 30th of 1000 players – too bad I didn’t reached the final table, was quite close 😉 … after some training on my exercise machine (stationary bike) I called it a day at 23.30 and felt asleep during another old episode of CSI Las Vegas which was on TV. Hopefully this week will start more interesting and I gonna have time for taking some photos!

dude, where are my blog entries?

Stupid question, right? Ok, I have to say I lately missed to post anything in here. I read a lot of blogs every day and follow the news on my friends photoblogs, pokerblogs, etc. but my own one is running on low fuel since July and my entry on the Vienna trip. The pics I promised still missing, won’t bring them online now – too late I think. Will take my cam more often in future .. maybe also gonna do some paid stuff too – motivated by mr. “goldjunge” severin in Vienna (btw .. he has a new blog: and his latest entries I’m thinking about documenting some poker stuff in the next weeks/months – but also restart my normal stuff and maybe go back to film and b/w for a while too. So for now, not many news from my life or photos – just some poker related stories. I know, it’s not the content you may want to read here 😉 .. have fun!

Poker .. or “how they play it in Texas”

So let’s come to my poker life. What happened lately? After summer, where I tend to play a lot of live cash game in my preferred card room and didn’t play a lot online, it was time to restart the tournament season. In summer there was a big hole in the tournament scene, not many events in the local area, wanted to play two big ones but cancelled it due to rumors about “donk and crap tournaments”, which I wasn’t interested in. So it was only cash the the card room and some home games with friends for fun, nice summer I would say! Now in autumn my card room started tournament season again and so they offer regular tourneys every month. Started with a 20 euro turbo tournament, which turned out to be really fast, with 10-minute-levels and became a “push-or-fold”-game when it came to the final table of 10 players, which I reached as a short stack but eventually went out in 9th place.


About one week later, which was last tuesday, they offered a 30 euro freezeout tourney. Went there just for fun, as it was ’bout one year ago when I played my first one like this and won it (against 50 other players) – which was my first tournament win there. So this time, I hoped for some participants, but the time and day wasn’t the best maybe so only approx. 20 players showed up. So the tourney got some sort of a two table sit & go character. First we were only 12 players (8 showed up during the first 4 levels) so we played it short handed with 6 players each table. While I was nearly card dead during the first level and lost two little pots against a beautiful lady (argghh) and a guy who sucked out on the river – I got more and more lucky after level two. Got some nice starting hands and was lucky with my pocket pairs, when I twice hit a set. At one time I was holding 8s and was sitting on the button – made a raise for 3 1/2 blinds and got a call from the big blind, who just sat down 3 hands before. Never seen him before, tall guy with a trenchcoat, looking like a broker but a bit strange and grease. We saw a flop of Jack high, I made a continuation bet of 500 and he min-raised me for 1000, with 1050 behind. I had about 2600 in front of me and knew, when calling this on the flop, I will see his all-in on the turn – but I gave him nothing, maybe a hit on the flop – should have gone all-in – but just called. Can’t remember the turn, but I checked to him, he went all-in .. I went into tank for a moment and then called it. I said something like “think you are in front and I made a bad call or overplayed my hand” and turned over my pocket 8s, .. and he eventually said “no you are in front” and showed me something like 6 4 or 6 8 offsuit for a pair of sixes on the flop – river was another blank and so I nearly double up and took him of the table. Rest of the table was impressed by my play, good read I said to myself. After this one I became a little bit of a table bully as my stack grew and grew and I got the right hands. In the end I took 3 players of that first table and came to the final table as tournament chip leader with about 12k in chips. (total was 58000)

Played it well from there on, had position on two good players and two short stacks  on my right. Only move was with AK in MP when we had some 6 hands played. Was card dead for some 20-30 minutes – but action was good enough to loose 2 or 3 players with strange play. I was second in chips when I got Queens UTG and made a normal raise (not easy from that position on the FT) and got a re-raise all-in from the short stack on the table, not much more – called it and he showed me pocket rockets, the aces. No Queen on the board and so he doubled up. Some hands later I got AQ suited (spades) in MP and made a raise for 3BB and again got a reraise all-in from that short stack on the other side of the table. I called this one and he showed AK offsuit – bang, not very good – especially as there came no help on the board for me. My problem was, he had much more than I thought so I lost about 1/3 of my stack and was down to 8k or so. Still enough to act and blinds got higher and some started to “push or fold”. In the end I found myself with three others left – being short after two big pots lost and a bad play. So now I was the short stack and only three players payed – wanted to come ITM so I needed good cards. My luck came back when I got AT on the button, pushed all-in and got a snap call from the big blind who showed AK. Doh! .. but I said my luck came back – so the flop was TT7 and I even made a full house with another 7 on the river. So the AK guy now was short and I was back on 2nd place. Later, after a short break i got QQ raised to 4000 when BB was 1000, the AK guy went all-in for 5000 total and I called the 1000 difference – he had pocket tens and I took him of the table – so I was in the money. We played on for some time and chips were crossing the table very often so we decided to make a deal and chop the pot – chipleader got half pot and we two others with nearly same stack, chopped the rest – so it was some 130 bucks for me – good one!

Lately I played some cash game on friday, but had not my best day – first day since three months I lost something in cash game – but not much, so it was ok. This week I gonna play a 10 euro (maybe rebuy) tourney for fun – many friends should participate and there will be about 50 players – sounds like a nice evening. Afterwards want to play one or two tourneys until the year ends – maybe also planning some trip to Vienna to play at CCC or a new card room called Montesito. We’ll see.

Tournament stats of the last 6 months:

– tourneys played live: 5

– final tables: 3

– in the money positions: 2

– best one: 2nd place on 30 bucks freezeout

Note: For all readers, not so interested in poker – here are two links with terms I might have written in my entry – just to get you more informed and explain abbreviations: &