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So far so good

It’s August 24th and September is coming closer. Seems like summer is quite finished and autumn comes over the land. So far this summer was ok, nothing special, but also nothing too bad. I’m sure there are things that would have been better in other ways or stuff I wanted to do and couldn’t manage … but hey, I still have one month off as university starts again in October.

My last entry goes back to 4th July when I told you of my trip to Vienna and I must say, I wanted to update my blog right after my return, but I was lazy – I wasn’t happy about the photos I made and maybe I also thought this trip would have been a bit different. Ok, let’s say it was a nice week there .. had a lot of fun and met some very good friends, but … to be honest, I wanted to do some more things – like meeting some photo friends who I wasn’t able to contact, takin’ more photos and maybe some different photo trips – just did some street which I didn’t like at all and so I wasn’t that satisfied. Now with some weeks distance I’m able to say that. In terms of friends, accomodation and having fun, the trip was ok – maybe wished to go out more often and was a bit angry about some friends leaving the city or didn’t have time as the promised before.

A big THANKS goes out to Melanie who was my host and entertainer for the whole week and gave me a feeling of being welcome all the time. Big hug! Another big THANKS goes to Werner who managed some days and evenings and helped a lot when all others were out of town. Beside these two some greetings to Thomas and Dani for some delicious cooking session (or lets say two haha), Kiri for joining me on the train and goin to cinema with us (I hope next time you gonna have more time 😉 ) and last but not least Johannes for meeting up for some photo trip (nevertheless this turned out a bit chaotic 😉 haha). And .. @Markus: thanks for sharing “my flat” later that week, so I always had someone to talk to 🙂


On our way back to carinthia (me wearing white, next to me Werner, Melly at the window, Thomas opposite Werner and Markus holding the cam) while watching some episodes of Scrubs Season 6 😀

Vienna: A summary

To sum up that week in Vienna in short, I drop you some lines: Arrived tuesday early noon, already met with Kiri on the train and so had some nice talk during the last two hours before Vienna. Met with Melly and Werner at the train station and went with them home by tram. Quick refreshment there – heading to the city and have some lunch at the running sushi. Met with Bernd, good friend of Werner, by accident and so he joined us for that – also made plans for some bowling later that week 😀 Afterwards went home, watched some DVD (or better said slept some DVD haha), head to Thomas’ place and meet him and Dani there. Cooked together and played some dice poker. Finally Melly, Werner and I left for cinema, where we met up with Kiri and another girl. Watched Kung Fu Panda and laughed off our asses 😀 .. was really funny. Tired and satisfied with this first day went home and called it a day.

Next day, early morning – I was awake around 7AM, but I didn’t want to wake anyone else so I let them sleep until 10 or 11 .. and had a quite boring morning .. ok, next time I gonna make loud music and jump around *gg* – haha. After some quick breakfast Melly and I went out into the suddenly starting rain and met with Thomas for some shopping on Mariahilfer Street. It was not my day, bought nothing – went home again and relaxed during afternoon. In the evening I joined Melly and Thomas when they gave a salsa workshop in a club near the danube shore. Watched interesting spiders outside the windows (never seen such big spiders in Austria before) and enjoyed music. Quite boring day to talk about – so let’s come to Thursday. Woke up alone this morning, no one else at home – so I took my laptop and did some net surfing. Got a phone call from Melly and Werner, that we’ll meet at a near subway station and walk to the bowling center together. So I took the tram, first into the wrong direction 😀 happily it was just one station before the line ends, so I didn’t loose any time. Went the other direction, changed to subway, headed the right way 😀 and was first at the meeting place. Thomas and Bernd also arrived punctually and so we went for some Bowling. The center manager was very “nice” and told us to come again later, as they have special summer opening times – this was the reason for our following one hour coffee break 😀

After this we went on bowling, stayed there for some rounds of really nice pin slashing. To be honest, first round was great .. my best one so far in bowling, and I didn’t play for some months before, but later on Werner and Bernd showed up too – in total we had a lot of fun. Had dinner in the city and went home again for some relaxing. Helped Melly with the laundry, getting the rabbit cage clean again and some stuff beside. Evening: Salsa Dance again – this time having some talk partner there, as Markus finally arrived in Vienna. He had a problem with his host or better said a already full flat, so he came there fully packed with bags and gear 😀 .. afterwards, as he was offered a place at our place, he joined me goin home by subway and we early called it a night I think.

Friday then Melly came home and packed her bag for the weekend, left us for work and we decided to phone Thomas if we gonna come over for lunch. Made a great lasagne and again played some dice poker. After this one we said bye as he and Melly were off to work and not in Vienna over the weekend. Rest of the day Markus and I took some photos in the city center, visited some places (already closed shops) for the next day, visited some festival near the shores of the old danube canal, had some ice cream there and watched some movies at home. Funny thing beside: On our way home, walking down Westbahn Street we met Sebastian by accident and had some quick small talk.

Saturday was a day with Werner, when we met him early at his work place, our favorite photo store. I tried some Canon 35mm f2.0 which I surely gonna buy until december – was just too nice 🙂 After this went on to some other photo stores and made a visit at the poker shop (the only real one I know in Austria) where I bought some stuff (cards, some new chips for my poker case and a book). Finally went to the Naschmarkt and visited Bobby’s Foodstore (a store for british stuff) and took the subway homewards. In the afternoon we planed to meet Johannes in the city and make some photowalk. The only thing we missed to mention when calling him, was the big parade goin on there. There was the rainbow parade, which is like love parade in Berlin – a festival for gay, lesbian and transsexual people. So we drove to the center, Markus and I meeting Werner (all fully geared digitally and analogue) there and walking down to Schwedenplatz where most of the the party people already passed. So to sum up, it was a bit difficult to meet up in the croud of thousands watching and participating. I was focussing on people watching and those hundreads or thousands of photographers there – was really funny to see this – and the event was just crazy. Never seen something like this before .. very loud and crazy. In that croud you don’t think of meeting someone you know, but sometimes 😀 😉 .. so we met Severin near the parliament, also “armed” with some gear (5D + tilt shift lens .. nice combi!)

In the end, we said good bye to Johannes, went home and did some refreshing there as it was damn hot that afternoon. In the evening a nice thunderstorm came of the city and Werner, Markus and I met with two other friends of Werner to play some pool. Therefore we went to the “Downstairs”, a quite nice little cocktail bar where they have some great pool tables (never seen such clean and perfect ones in a pub) and equipment. Some nice staff, a good bar keeper and enough delicious cocktails, drinks and pizza made the evening long and perfect 😀 .. me again wondering about my skills coming back in Vienna – this time holding on the whole evening, always getting compliments from the others (never played that good before .. or better said since some years I can remember, when I attended billard lessions at university). It got late and so we were able to congratulate Werner to his birthday at midnight. When we left the pub approx. at 1.30AM there was no subway or tram home – too late for them 😀 so Markus and I had to walk through the rain, which turned out really funny and we had a lot of nice talk and singing the whole way haha. Those 4 or 5 miles home made me tired.

Sunday was just relaxing, visiting some places in the city, taking some street shots in the tourism areas and later on in the evening joining Werner’s birthday party in a pub called “The Highlander”, where we met a lot of friends, also Melly and Thomas who came home from work – so we a nice evening there and finished our visit to Vienna with a short sleep until next morning 7AM. At 9AM we hustled trough the city to catch our train in time. It was terrible – we all came to the station as we just had a shower 😀 so it was good to sit down in an air-conditioned cabin and enjoy the four hours back home to Klagenfurt. So this was Vienna, July 2008 – a long desert of words, no photos at all from myself (but they will follow in a separate entry!) and sure no one will read this – ok maybe some people mentioned above will do 😀 😀 .. if not, no problem – just had fun writing this. Misspelling and orthographic errors are property of my own and won’t be corrected 😀 [just too much work haha]


Last but not least

To explain “summer feelings – summer dreamings” in the title I need to write another entry, cause it would get way too long now to sum up the rest of July and August, my thoughts and what happened so far – I will do that tomorrow as I have one week of more or less free time now. So have a nice sunday evening!