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vienna calling vol. 2

Finally my summer holidays started. Actual semester came to an end, had my last exam on tuesday. Now I just have to write two papers during summer and finish two missed exams in september. Should be no problem.

Off to Vienna

It’s time to move 😉 .. yeah that’s right. Tuesday morning, exactly at 6AM, I’ll take the train to Vienna and arrive there around 10AM. I gonna stay until Monday 14th and I hope my friends and I will have a lot of fun. Already contacted many of them over skype, icq and phone – just to fix some things and manage stuff like where to stay, who to meet, maybe what to do. Last point is open as I want to be flexible and don’t make a plan for the whole week. Just a few things I wanna do for sure – like a shopping day, at least one time cooking for some friends, goin’ out a lot and have some tasty cocktails *g*, make a photowalk (already got a suggestion for the Schönbrunn area which sounds nice as I wasn’t there for a long time) and finally a birthday party I gonna join on Sunday. Of course I have stuff in my head (like bowling, cinema or poker … just in case of rain – which could happen as weather forecasts say .. but I do this here a lot it’s not the normal stuff to do when you are on holiday). Anyway, you see I’m facing this one right now and can’t wait until Tuesday 😉

I will take my laptop with me, but in case I don’t know if I’ll have net-connection I can’t guarantee any updates during the week. Maybe if I have time updates will be posted directly from Vienna.

Lens sold

On my last entry I told you ’bout selling my Sigma 10-20mm EX DC-HSM F/4-5,6. So if you are/were interested I have to tell you that it’s sold now. Some guy bought it yesterday and I will send it somewhere in the south of germany next week. So “bon voyage” my good friend and wide-angle mate 😀