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it’s hot in here …

… and out there too. After a long period of rainy days (weather like in april) we finally got that summer feeling and temperatures up to 30° and 32° celsius every day this week. Wearing shorts and t-shirts, always a bottle of cool water within reach, .. damn every minute you have to learn for exams at university or sit there to write them (not talking ’bout the long minutes in your *sauna* car, when you feel like sitting on a volcano haha). So I like summer, it’s a great time, but I don’t like those sticky and too hot days when don’t have time for a jump into the lake but wish you would have!

June nearly gone

About one month gone since my last enty, but I wasn’t very active in photography. No, to be correct, I did nothing – no films filled, no cf cards full of pics – just terrible I know, … especially when I think of the last 2 1/2 weeks of EURO 2008 action here in austria. Just visited the fan mile in the city just two times and never had a cam with me. Once I watched Spain vs. Russia in the first round (nice they meet again in today’s evening semi-final in Vienna) and later on to see Croatia vs. Turkey in quarter-final. So I missed the storm of croatian, german and polish fans during the first 10 days of EURO here in Klagenfurt. To be honest, I’m not that angry about this fact … maybe missed a chance for nice pictures there, but don’t think it was that special many people thought before.  But enough now, EURO is nearly finished, back to more interesting stuff!

Lecking of pictures I gonna tell you lot of information. First of all university comes to an end for this semester, .. have my last exams on monday and tuesday and after this I’ll go in my deserved holidays until the end of september. I don’t have a summer job but I wan’t to search for some job in general, so I may start something in summer and then work beside my study.

Vienna calling

First notable thing in my holidays will be a trip to Vienna in second week of july. Will take the train for this and at the moment it looks like I’ll go alone – starting on 8th of July. In Vienna I will meet many friends, photo colleagues and some people I didn’t see for a long time. So far I’m quite sure about having a great time during that week – makin’ party, enjoy nightlife and hanging around with my friends. Days will be open for shopping, goin’ for photowalks and a lot more … just have relaxed time and don’t think of problems at home with university and all that stuff.

For those of you (thinking of my viennese readers now) who are interested – I’m staying until 14th july (my plan), but I don’t know when I’m leaving exactly, as some friends will come to carinthia with me. One of my best (and of course nicest) friends offered me a place for that week, so I’ll stay at her flat which is quite close to the city center … and that’s a great thing 🙂 Maybe there’s a photo meeting on the weekend as Markus comes to Vienna too and I already contacted some old friends from a devmeet two years ago – but as I don’t use deviantart any more I’m not that sure if this will work 😉

Everything else and (if necessary) more details about this trip, .. to be continued on my next journal entry! Right now this should be enough – holidays will be long and as I met a really cute girl and fell in love a little bit, I also hope they will be nice 🙂

Last but not least …

… I’m selling my wide-angle lens – Sigma 10-20mm EX DC-HSM F/4-5,6, with lens hood and filter(s). Used it not that much as I wished and never got that happy about my wide angle photos. Now as I don’t need it anymore, I think it would be very sad when it gets dusty, resting in a box or so. So if you’re interested, tell me – especially as I may take it to Vienna and sell it there.