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preparing for multicultural fanatism

Just 16 days left and the EURO 2008 in Austria & Switzerland will start. As you can see from the picture below the EURO-clock on the old square in Klagenfurt is counting down the minutes. So I decided to use the holiday today for a short walk through the city center – just having a look what goes on there, if anything shows we are right before a storm of multicultural fanatism coming over our city.


So far I would say, there is enough preparation goin on. First of all the whole city is flagged with national flags of Austria, Germany, Croatia and Poland – but also of other participants in the event. Beside they already brought a lot of stuff like tables, benches and bar facilities to the streets, … waiting for the restaurant owners to build there outside areas. Best of all, the reconstruction of the New Square in the middle of the city is finished now and they opened they re-opened the place for the public yesterday. That’s why headed straight to this place and took some “typical tourist pictures” – nothing special.






In my opinion the square now looks a lot more modern, a bit italian-style I would say – fitting the southern area here in Carinthia. So it’s ok, but I’m critical on parts of the square, but who cares – it’s not that important to me. Anyways it’s now a nice place for phototaking.


Today, on that corpus christi holiday, there were way more people in the city than normally on such days. You can compare it with a sunday when (apart from some ice cream bars & cafes) most of the city is empty – but today it was different, .. most bars and restaurants are open and crowded. I really wondered ’bout that, .. looks like the EURO effects cogitation in some heads 😉 I also met a lot of tourists, doing serious business with all sorts of digicams – trying to look very pro 😀 haha. Looks like we gonna have a nice time soon and I’m really looking forward to this “event” as I hope to get tons of new pictures for my blog.


Some “sentimental memories” (haha) at the end of this entry: The picture shows the shop of my long years photo store, which now closed exactly one year ago in may 2007.


For now – have a nice weekend!