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a look back

Someone asked me to reload some pictures from the last months/years, so here is a feature of some stuff I did in the past.

starting with some shots from vienna, one year ago
(two days stay around 22nd of april 2007)



 003 004 005 006 007 008

009 010

011 012 013

back to the south – my city, klagenfurt

014 015 016 017

 018 019 020

Enough of this now, not much text again .. nothing to tell you, .. or better said nothing interesting for this blog 😉 .. just private or boring stuff. Next time pictures from 2008 again!

brain .. what ..?

What to do in a boring lecture about semiotics? Right, .. writing a blog entry about stupid people and the sense of being human.


Right now I’m sitting at university listening to a guy looking like a mixture of the nutty professor and Indiana Jones (in terms of clothes, yes!) .. talking about semiotics, signs and cultural systems. Not to say it’s boring stuff .. just boring in case he’s doing it like a prayer and in hyperspeed .. seems I need a vehicle goin on speed of light to follow.


Last days were a bit like this, sitting in seminars and nothing special to report. Have lecture on “living, dead and other bodies in media” which is quite interesting, but last time we had a discussion that went on and on and on .. and didn’t come to a productive end. Beside, weather is terrible these day .. rain, cold, nasty to the bone … I hate it. Not the best conditions for taking photos outside and so I’m looking forward to todays afternoon and evening. Have to shoot the opening of a club for role-play. It’s not my thing, but some of my friends have a relation to it so I’ll shoot some pics (for press mainly … urgghh) and I hope their will be some exhibition-like too, so I get some shots for myself and the blog.


Some week ago I finally got the right lens from Vienna. They exchanged the Minolta they sent, with the right Olympus one … so I have a 28mm for the OMs now. Just waiting for the next party to try out in “free nature” … which means on saturday we celebrate birthday of two very good friends .. lots of fun, pubs and booze (time for trix +3 maybe).


Last but not least I want to get rid of my account, but this system just makes me crazy. Nice people there, but no way I gonna like that site anytime .. or better said not so far.


Just brainstorming – or brainshitting … pics again on the next entry!

of being late and bad results

“Better late than never”, the best way to start an entry after announcing it for the week before. So let’s come to pictures .. won’t waste too much time on text this time (but we will see). All shots Olympus .. OM1 and OM10, with APX 400 … done around easter and holidays. (processed everything in xtol, 1:1)



my actual favorite from a roll of APX400 shot @400 with the OM-10
(prefocused, hip-shot .. i like it)


random shots from a sunday walk near the lake .. my mum looking strange
(all shots OM-10, APX400 @800, processed in Xtol 1:1)





we do have pigeons too, but not there .. just to let you know Sebastian 😉



how to make a digital one ..


changing to OM-1 and APX400 @400 now, .. street tour with Markus


I’m not happy with this .. it’s too dark on the right




reminds me of a similar scene I once photographed in Vienna


the guy (he’s romanian) normally plays the harmonica, but he took a break
(see Markus’ blog for a pic >>LINK)



translation: “good bye privacy – no more alone”
(another reference to our wonderful city of klagenfurt haha)




first she was concentrating on her cup of something ..


.. but then she gave a strange look 😉


visiting easter market .. random shots of people and other stuff



interesting advertisment


a bit wrong focused (wanted to focus on the girls behind .. hip shot of course .. bad)



sitting at university and listening to boring stuff .. Markus’ Bessa


playing pool .. sooo special I know




random shots from my place .. have a drink or two
[mixing cocktails – one of my hobbies .. the ladies like it]
(again OM-1, APX400 @800)


corona is important, .. milk too 😀

ending up now with some examples of “what I’ve done and want to do better next time”; first of all we had a lot of scratches on the latest slides, .. just curious and I don’t know why.. especially it’s not on every picture .. really strange .. but I had to do some photoshop work there


on of those .. some little scratches still there .. beside a focus problem 😦



totally fucked up this one .. too much light from the shop and wrong focus


another one .. focussing with the OM-1 wasn’t my thing here .. way behind them
(met by accident, Markus & Stefan in the shopping mall)


last one .. no I’m not a poser .. and I cropped my brain .. yeah


So that’s it for the film section .. changing to digital for some moments. Took the 350D about one week ago, we had great sunny weather, so I walked trough the city, holding my lense on everything moving, standing and sitting. Was quite different from the last weeks, .. cause I shot a lot more in short time and didn’t think about focusing on hip shots or everything else. To be honest, .. I like them but most of you will say it’s nothing special.


nikon, canon, I don’t know ..
.. but I remember a strange look when I crossed them with my cam





university colleague of mine, just running into my way.. thx for the pic Stefan

All digital ones, and some other nature shots, can be seen on my flickr account, where I uploaded them in b/w too.

Wanted to write more shit and had a lot of thoughts in my head, .. but not this time – so have a nice week!