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Last entry two weeks ago, but not much to tell you about those 14 days. After one of my best friends came over one week ago, I didn’t get my photographic ass out of the chair very often. During the weekend we made it to the city, I visited the card room for some poker and lost some bucks on very bad play (had a bad day and just played shit), had some drinks and watched friends who reached final table of a tournament also running there. Thomas came in before I started my games, but walked on to meet with friends and visit some pubs. The next day (sunday) we met at my place and after some talk we phoned Christina, who’s my best female friend. We all wanted to smell fresh air and so we managed to meet up for some coffee in the city. I missed to take my cam with me, so no photos taken there. Instead we got some rain afterwards and so I went to some home game in the evening, but it was a bit boring there. Monday, again meeting time with friends, again coffee and a lot of walk in the city – had the OM-10 with me, filled with a fresh roll of APX400 but I managed it to take not one simple shot – lol. So after shopping and coffee I went home, said bye to Thomas who left in late afternoon and called it a day with some tv watching.

My holidays shouldn’t change a lot .. wanted to meet with Christina and buy some clothes, but it went the wrong way because of some time problems. Wednesday I took my time to write some paper for university and in the afternoon I went to the city to meet Markus and Gervin to take some shots. I had the OM-10 and the Panasonic DMC-FX01 with me (the Panasonic is family equipment, just use it from time to time), took some 3 or 4 shots with film and lots of shots with the Lumix, but it wasn’t that satisfying than normal – many people on the street but it was a bit dark and this little digicam just has no f****** noise reduction at iso 400 (which I was using most time), … not worth to write about it (wanted to show pics that day, but cancelled it). By the way, I got my 28mm for the OM this day, but those bastards fooled my ass 😀 .. ok let’s say maybe they just had a bad day when they put the lens on ebay, but it’s likely to know what camera for a lens is 😉 .. so I wondered when the mail brought me a 28mm for Minolta instead of Olympus. It’s a a used one, but it was clearly defined as OM and so I already got in contact with that guys near Vienna and hopefully they gonna see what went wrong and a get my money back or a right lens 🙂 .. we’ll see.

So to bring this entry to a good end, thursday was starting with some “taxi driver” action early in the morning, as my grandma needed some driver for her easter shopping 😀 .. afterwards met with friends in the city to have some coffee when around 2PM some snow came down, but it was sunny and the snow was just funny to watch, nothing serious. Went home and in the evening I went for some poker – third time in 6 days, crazy I would say, but why stay at home when you can go out or meet friends for anything else. This time it was really nice, had a lot of fun and came home around 2AM.

So this was my week, easter started and family stuff waited .. the normal way every year 😉 and now I’m a bit bored of all that sitting around .. weather is boring too .. I need something different tomorrow, so let’s see. The films I have ready will be developed until wednesday .. I hope so. Until then I’m sorry, just a long text and no pictures – hope you don’t mind.

brainstorming before easter

Filled a roll of APX 400 which I started some 10 days ago. Just needed some walk for those 14 shots left on the film, so we (Markus and I) went to the city after university. I already had the OM-10 with me when headed for some lecture at the campus and took around 5 or 6 frames there, .. drove home picked up my EOS 350D too (as I wanted to shoot something digital again), attached the 50/1.8 and met with Markus at the easter market. Took us not quite long to get some nice ideas, but the problem was there were way too few people in the city today. So I decided to switch to digital after the APX 400 was full (had a APX 100 with me, but light was already a bit low and didn’t want to waste it), so some digital ones following. (the APX will be developed next week, have another one waiting in the OM-1, same thing .. think 20 more shots and it’s ready).


farewell stress.. what a pathetic statement


don’t think her name is zara


where will all the emos go? 😉



I like the cute look of the girl in front (of course I was surprised)

I have to say I’m a bit unsatisfied, as the 50/1.8 is always too slow for street .. it’s not the real lens for the 350D too (need some 28mm or even more .. like 17mm) and I don’t want to take the 18-55 for those walks, .. would be boring. So I prefer analogue for street, but will do more digital now too.

In about an hour from now we have a field trip to Mc Donalds, as we had an interview with the owner of 4 restaurants here in town for our journalistic internship course in wintersemester 2007/08. Thought about taking the OM-1 with me and fill the APX400 (@800) there, but I think I won’t do, .. of course a look “behind the scenes” might be *interesting* haha.


one between the lines .. why do I always hide, hm 😀

Weekend will be fun, friends from Vienna coming over for easter holidays or just a long weekend. Gonna meet up and have some drinks in our pubs, maybe goin to play some poker too, .. and of course I will make lots of pics (should think about another trix on the OM-10).