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WitaΔ‡, dobrodosli & willkommen

EURO 2008 comes closer and closer and when you walk through the streets of our beautiful city you get an impression of what is waiting for us. Shops start to design their windows with soccer related stuff and in the colors of the teams playing in Klagenfurt. It’s weird, but many people talk about this “event” but most of them talk about hooligans, damage, chaos and other stuff … could be a crazy time there in June, especially university closes for the duration of the Euro. Enough time for taking photos and so far it sounds like the perfect area for street photography πŸ˜‰ .. but we will see.

Went into the city yesterday, meeting up with Markus as I did very often the last two weeks. We checked my new OM-10 and the focus on my 50/1.8. We found out that everything is ok, I just managed it to shut down my brain when taking pictures the day before and didn’t think about many things πŸ˜‰ .. just me being stupid haha. Btw we met many “crazy people” on our walk, looks like the sun (we had around 20Β°C) burned a lot of heads and booze did his work very well – remembering two guys singing and trying to sell a bunch of catkins, right in the middle of the old square πŸ˜€ .. beside our famous “Do-you-have-a-Euro-Woman” and the normal number of buskers and beggars hanging around on every corner. (Markus will have some interesting shots of this I think .. haha)

Right now I’m sitting here, re-writing a paper for university as some sort of “nice” professor thought he might write an e-mail to all attendants of his seminar, to re-write their papers, after he reviewed them and don’t likes any work. Hilarious to say that I’m way pissed off by that proceeding, .. I find it really nice when you get such mails and have to correct things that are right for everyone, except one person who wants another “style” or language .. *ironic off* … think I gonna get some bottle of iced water to cool down πŸ˜€

Instead of writing that paper I would prefer going for a walk or take some photos outside. I shot another APX 100 yesterday and the APX 400 in the OM-1 is nearly finished too, .. so I hope we gonna develop it the next two days, cause I want to post new shots in here.

Update, same day, 11PM: Went to Markus’ flat late in the afternoon and went home with a very nice APX 100 which I scanned during the last 3 hours. So here are the pics from yesterday afternoon.

APX 100, @100, Rodinal 1:50, 17 min


orchid snapshot at home, just to test the focus of the lens


discussion .. looks like he has a canon around his neck


the same situation again, just scanned differently
(what do you think is better, what do you like more?)



why does this guy on the right remind me of Sly Stallone?
oh I know, he looks like he’s wearing a mask πŸ˜‰


biker looking at lingerie ads


there were many mothers with kids and babies ..


.. but also old ladies looking for clothes


this frame is not very sharp, I know πŸ˜‰ .. focused wrong


relaxing in the sun


many butts for one frame πŸ˜€


this girl could be frustrated, or she just turned lesbian haha
(thought about cropping the two girls on the left .. what do you think?)


little teddy on the backpack .. same girls from the frame above



wanted to catch the coffee house scene in the back,
but the front stuff is nice too I think (next time: “closer””)


well-behaved children use the garbage can πŸ˜‰


favorite frame from that session, .. he’s giving such a cute look


another buggy, another “baby” (big one of course)


Markus looking for books on sale


guy crossing with this scooter .. again not focused right
(way too much in the background)


“stylish lady” with her dog, nicely working with the sign saying “antiques”

That’s all for the moment, ..

A presto,

new week, new cam, …

Hi folks!

First of all, had a pretty nice weekend. Saturday I participated in a 30 Euro buy-in Poker Tournament in the card casino (with approx. 50 people) and in the end finished first. I play a lot of Poker, live and online, but it was the first time I won such a live event (so far best result was a 3rd place one month ago) – so this win was great for me – and I decided to save most of the money (which was 660 Euro). Anyways, I said to myself “do yourself something nice” .. and the only “gift” to myself is a visit at a mexican or chinese restaurant during this week. This was until today 3PM πŸ˜€ when I was on photo tour with Markus and entered one of the photo stores in the city on our walk through the streets.

I already had the OM-1 with me and made some shots walking around (APX 400 @800 actually), but when we came across the shop we noticed some new stuff in the “used equipment” area. There was a really good looking Olympus OM-10 with an attached 70-200mm .. priced 35 Euros in total. Nice one I thought and why not get a second Olympus, also with that nice lense – especially it has aperture priority which is something I really wanted for a second cam – mostly because I do a lot of street photography now. So, asked for a little test and had it in hand … tried it and quickly saw a defect lens, the aperture p. didn’t work with the lens, .. attached my 50/1.8 and everything was ok. We were informed that the cam was from a good friend of Markus, so we called him and asked what’s up with the gear – but he didn’t know. No problem I said, just want the cam if it works, .. paid 20 Euros for it and there I had my second OM-Body, this time an OM-10 in chrome (my OM-1 is black). Luckily I had an APX 100 in my bag and so I walked out the shop with the OM-10 in hands, the APX 100 ready in the cam and waiting for some nice photos.

Everything went great, I was happy from the first moment on .. good catch πŸ™‚ .. we walked on for some 1 1/2 hours I think, and the APX was full soon. Markus suggested to develop it right afterwards and so we went back to my car and drove to his place where we developed it then. We played some pool in the living room while waiting for the drying of the film. I looked really good, sharp and nice from the b/w. So I drove home and scanned it as I had his scanner still in my flat. So, now you are waiting for some pics .. right? .. and there comes the “damn” and “doh!” .. something went wrong with the focus on infinity .. I shot many pics at infinity (with the 50/1.8 on the cam) and most of them had nothing sharp or way too distanced (focussing on something 10-20 meters in front of me and getting sharp houses in 200 meters distance .. ) .. I don’t have any explanation for it, .. we are just wondering about some results. I made some shots of stickers (you already know some from my last entry) and was really close to them, focusing was ok there .. they came out great .. and the APX 100 is still one of my favorite films, so clear and nice b/w there. So the bad thing is that I have a film of 36 pics but I can only show 3 or 4 here right now .. so just preview today, .. gonna go into the city again tomorrow, testing the infinity as this can’t be right (never thad such things on the OM-1) and of course make lots of pictures as I need some new for my blog πŸ˜‰ … so I will try to shoot another APX 100 and maybe some APX 400 tomorrow, .. but don’t think I will develop them too, .. just shooting.

For the moment, I provide you with the following three “previews” to introduce my new 2nd analogue cam. Have a good night!


some notice at our favorite irish pub
(looks like they are still back in january)


another funny sticker showing a local politician
(translation: “fine particles kill softly” and an incitement not to drive on the larger circular roads around the inner city, in order not to gasify kids and seniors)


a sticker about gendering saying “stop the gender madness”
(the one above says “misogynic”)
both together look strange .. but it reminds me of the madness as we have it when writing papers at the university .. you’ll be insulted for non-gendering πŸ™‚

news from the picture front

As promised last time, I have lots of new pics for you. There are approx. 40 photos from a total of three films. Unfortunately the two Kodak Tri-X 400 (shot @ 1600) didn’t turn out that good, the APX 100 )was ok I would say.

First of all I managed to ruin a lot of pictures on the trix with a very bad handling. I took too many pictures with underexposure and so they are crap, just way to dark. I tried to scan some of them (the “better” ones) and the scans still look terrible .. so I learned a lot on shooting with 1600 and pretty nasty conditions (for example a dark corner in a coffee house or similar places). Second problem was Markus’ new equipment for developing and a wrong calculation for the chemicals and the developing, so this was also goin a bit wrong .. but I’m not angry with him, .. I even don’t panic, .. that’s life and we all learn from those things.

So let’s start with the pictures. It’s a big mixture – images go from summer 2007 until february 2008, a real wide range .. I know πŸ˜‰

Some very good friends of mine, now studying in Vienna, came over for a short holiday visit. Had four great days, most time hanging around, walking in the city, goin out in the evening, playing poker (hold ’em in the card casino), dice poker, billard, I took some pictures and we had some fun with booze and trash talk πŸ˜€

Trix @ 1600, f1.8, 1/30


Dani, girl friend of Thomas, who’s one of my best friends
( I really like this one, will print it for him )


Thomas writing scores


we played dice poker with Dani, Thomas and Martin; I won twice πŸ˜‰




necessary goods .. cigs and zippo


back to the streets .. random pictures from the last two weeks:


looking for jewerelly .. his girl might be happy soon


snapshot …


chestnut stand, including a “grumpy” guy with his modern cell phone
(sorry, it’s really bad exposed)


two guys with a dog, which I cropped .. trash


they even like it in Klagenfurt
[the sticker says “Lebenssinn” which means “sense of life”,
Rapid Wien is an austrian soccer club from Vienna]


now back to summer 2007, APX 100


I like to hide my face πŸ˜‰


some tourists crossing (the look like)


pregnants all over the place, I found that scene very interesting


enjoying her coffee and newspaper
(i like it, but there is too much detail in the background)




just some other shots from summer .. nothing special


Markus looking for cheap stuff at the big flea market in august


flea market .. streets were full of people


focused on the guy in the background, being busy on the phone
(he was really funny, had an umbrella against the sun, army stuff in front
of him and looked like a guy from the next alp haha)


other visitors of the flea market .. looking strange


back to 2008 again, february pictures .. random stuff from the city
(also back to Trix @ 1600)


parking rooftop of the city arkaden shopping center


a new croc in town, hope it doesn’t have sharp teeth


‘real’ men need a bag from cavalli
(had to hurry with that shot, rush hour in the pedestrian zone)


the Euro 2008 approaches in big steps ..
.. ridiculous ‘monument’ forced by local politicians


some pictures from the station; made these shots early in the morning while is was waiting for Karin, as she came home from Vienna for a three-days visit





nothing special as you see, just station, empty rails …
(in my opinion a ruined trix, managed that very well .. doh! )


Karin and me having some shisha (hookah) and apple tea in an egyptian cafe


isn’t she cute πŸ˜‰ .. I love the expression in her face, but she looks so sad
(will print this for here in future for sure; my favorite pic from this entry)


walking around again .. alley in the old part of the city


old woman giving a strange look to the young girl hanging on her mobile


staring into the light
(the ad in the background says ‘disturbing cheap’ .. haha)


boys waiting for the bus


another alley .. best example of a ruined picture .. once again



scenes from the big bus station in the city center;
ladies waiting, drunken unemployed, .. just as usual


two girls having fun with a little digicam, making fun shots of themselves and people crossing – it seemed like they did “street” but no, they were just joking after their shopping tour (mind the bags in front of them)


last one for this entry .. funny stickers everywhere in the city πŸ˜‰
(the upper one says “Klagenfurt uccide”, which is italian and means “deadly Klagenfurt”; the other on the right is german and means “kids lungs are the best fine particle filter” .. you gonna find those ironic stickers everywhere in the city of Klagenfurt)


That’s all for the moment, .. it’s been a while since my last “pictured entry” and I hope you like some of the photos .. as already said, many have a lack of quality, sad but true. Actually shooting an APX 400 @800, and will do some APX 100 afterwards .. maybe developing new pics before university starts again in march, we’ll see.

back to basics

So there I am, .. back on my blog and ready for any kind of trash. Just managed to find a way back to photography after I had a leck of motivation during the last months. So this was since last June or July when I did the last “serious work” .. just joking, .. think it was in August 07 when I last took photos with the OM-1 on a flea market in the city. Digital the same, … I didn’t touch my digital camera for ages .. rather I only did one commissioned job around christmas and before I didn’t touch the canon since may or june I think – it’s lying in the bag .. too bad (btw I’m selling my 10-20mm Sigma, if anyone is interested contact me!).

So at the moment I’m doing just analogue, … just finished 1 APX 100 (@100) and 2 TriX 400 (@1600) .. to be honest I shot those three during one week .. from last saturday until monday this week .. just great to be back and do what I love .. motivation is back and it’s so good to take photos with film. Yesterday we had a developing session at Markus’ lab (which is actually his bathroom, as he’s still planning a new “real lab” in his flat – after we lost our old lab at university in summer [stupid bastards]) and did 5 rolls of APX, Trix and TPan .. was nice to see the results, but some didn’t worked so well. Should get the film scanner today and so I will scan the films tomorrow and upload most of it here if it’s showable enough .. looks good so far with most of it. For the moment, no photos in this entry .. next one will include a lot!!

Have a nice one,

ps: don’t think I will leave the eos 350d in the bag .. there will be time to take it out soon, just need inspiration or that kick in my ass πŸ˜‰