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first scans, lot of news

First of all sorry for the leck of updates here .. just no motivation during summer πŸ™‚ .. now just one month of holidays remaining I wanna give you a quick overview what happened lately.

After I had a lot of rolls developed I needed to scan them so I asked Markus if I can have his film scanner when he’s in england for two weeks .. so now he’s there and I have the scanner πŸ˜€ .. standing right next to me, already did a lot of scanning .. we also had three long developing session 2 weeks ago so enough material to show I think πŸ˜‰ .. btw also had a nice develop-day in the lab with Johannes (alife) from vienna. So see some results from the rolls I shot during the last 3, 4 months .. trip to vienna in may, devmeet in may, older pics from klagenfurt, street stuff .. I add them at the bottom. (most of it is Agfa APX 100, APX 400 and Ilford FP4 .. gonna try TriX 400 next, but have enough APX left in my fridge too)

Summer was quite boring from time to time, .. no work, just one assignment and another job for a friend, doin design/coding/photos for a website .. so one photo shooting and one website made in 2 1/2 months, .. just not a lot of money .. but ok. πŸ™‚ .. was at the lake quite seldom, had fever in the hottest days of summer (ugly), won and lost a lot of money on poker .. stopped playing online poker haha, made many new friends and just enjoyed time .. did a lot of relaxing and hanging around.

So enjoy the scans below .. see u soon!

pokerfaces .. playing hold’em in front of universitymyself in my car’s mirror

karli .. good friend of mine, .. he’s a poser haha

nora πŸ™‚

sarah eating ice-cream, .. getting a cute touch from sebi haha
(i love her look on that one haha)

bought these new shoes and needed to take a shot of them
( tribute to severin haha .. )

werner .. mr. cool

group of tourist near stephansplatz / vienna .. weird looks

sarah and sebastian again .. this time laughing

typical mirror shot .. I know, you can’t see my fucking face

karli again, this time with a blonde girl next to him
(in front of university, ΓΆh election may 2007)

kiri doin’ a phone call at the devmeet