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one, two, .. barbecue

Yeah we are goin into summer more and more. Outside sun is shining down, people are lying in meadows and at the lake .. the classes at university get empty 😀 haha .. today sitting here and see approx. 30 people in a room for 200 and listening to some lecturer who is interesting, but with that weather it gets hard to listen 🙂 .. so I do this entry now.

Last class for this week, afterwards relax and nothin’ to do .. weekend is long, holidays there and university starts again on wednesday 🙂 .. so I’m quite fine with the situation. Later on I will have a look outside the campus and have some drink with friends maybe .. also looking at a fleamarket they have today (but so far I didn’t see any stands hm .. no one interested in selling things). It’s not fine to go on photo tours these days .. to sweltry in the city and around, . high humidity is nothing I like, .. sun and summer is great, but that not 😀

Looking for some poker evening today or tomorrow, after already had some play on sunday evening (was nice and quite long) and some quick play with friends at university, sitting in the sun on tuesday afternoon haha. Some friend of mine got new furniture for his flat .. so we might test it soon 😉 .. I need an ace on the river haha.

Saturday I leave the city around noon, taking Nora and Thomas also on my car. We will head for the 3rd Carinthian Devmeet in Gallizien, make some barbecue at a river, chillin’ on some sort of sandbank there. Meeting some girls and boys from deviantart there, .. we all know us well as we met several times before or go to university together (some attend school and know each other from there) .. so should be fun. Afterwards have some evening with movies on DVD, playstation or other games .. looks like a nice day. Sunday morning/afternoon .. back to Klagenfurt (just some 20 minutes from there) .. and enjoy the rest of the 3 days off. I will take the OM-1 and some 2 or 3 films with me (think apx 100 will do, .. maybe some trix 400 for the evening) and do some shots there .. might also take the 350D and the 50/1.8 with me .. nothing more needed 😀 documentation follows. (also time for developing, as we get warm water in the lab these days .. they shut it down .. stupid people, .. argggh)

see u soon!

thursday boring thursday

Still no news from me, I’m a bit pissed by some things happened in the past days. Everything is quite fine, but many things I wanted to manage or do, went wrong or into the wrong direction. So first of all I still need to develop my rolls from the OM-1 (FP4 and APX100 from our Vienna trip). I get mad when I see all those nice photos from our viennese friends who already have them online .. and me is waiting, waiting and waiting .. so hopefully we will do the developing on friday or saturday!

So for the moment no new pics from here, .. the EOS wasn’t used the last days, .. have a press job tomorrow evening, which pisses me too … but who cares, I promised to be there and take photos .. so it’s my own fault 😀 haha. Afterwards I need the weekend and look for some poker action, .. sunday could be time for trip outside into the country or something similar (enough street the last weeks, hm? .. I don’t know .. I prefer street .. like it more)

Have a look on my blog-roll, .. added some one or two new links there .. need to update again, as I have some other links there, no blogs .. will add a portfolio-roll too 😉

So stay tuned, I will make my next entry until monday I think .. maybe with my first scans on it!